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 bottle-cups recycling art

 mini RE cycle  fotolia.fr


●  zbieranina osobliwości

pomysły pokrętne i wybujałe


     circulaire economie: USE IT WISELY
   life is recycling          recycling Expoknews.com

 recycled PET tex material (PetCore Europe)        recycle packages (plastic bottles)        REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE & RETHINK. zerowaste        organic recycling: greentower (CO)        recycling piles et accu (RE)

 letsrecycle.com (videos)      SMART Recycling (Inc., US)      NORMA CERT (logo)      recycling all over the world

 recycling energy LONGFU (CN)      P&J Metal Group (RO)      Biotech (logo, IT)

 reddot (speedball)        renewable power        cotton recycling machines (MDT logo)        swirling processes

 recycling spiral        Recycle (RICOH, JP)        ENERGA (logo, PL)

 stainability      6 steps to sustainability
 E-Tech recyclers (Woman-Owned Small Business logo, US)

SMART RECYCLING - Saving Money And Reducing Trash - it's the SMART thing to do

     recycling air      recover trash (NZ)        recycling (4 weaved green arrows)       sustainable future UCLA      recycle bb-style

 green recycling inversion      recykling H2O org      elastic recycling

 recykling      recykling    

 recycling events        recycling (local, biz)      recycling (UV-like glow)

 triangulo setas (BR)      RE: developpement durable design (BE)      recycling (CA)

 ARD (America Recycles Day, Nov'15)      3 colors exploding recycle arrows      recicla separando (BR)      green logistics (US)

    recycling movement      coleta seletiva (BR)        recykling (znak 'hakowy')      recycling (sharp red sign) (SE)    auto parts recycling

 recycling (sharp shaped, IL)      EVERGREEN CONTENT (NG)      recycling (green, twisted)

 recycling returns resources        recycling goes on  

 scrap recycling force

simbolo para-ideolo


 recykling 'boski'      Recycled Propaganda (US)      RE Yeshiva University YU ECO REPS (NYC, US)      recycling TOLERANCE

 TEMPLE BETH AM - GREEN TEAM      ...reuse faith (RC)        recykling flag variant (IL)        RECYCLE: IF YOU LOVE THE CREATOR TAKE CARE OF CREATION      American Jewish Life Magazine, 2007    

    New Mexico Recycling Coalition      Eco Station Los Alamos (US)      środek ciężkości opakowania z towarem      New Mexico Recycling Coalition (NMRC)    ZIA recycling

 RECYCLING (local, stylish, IO, US)
 DHARMA Recycling Station      recycling dharma

 Christian: REBORN (REDEEMED RENEWED RESTORED) - reverse      Christian: REBORN (REDEEMED RENEWED RESTORED)        His Majesty Recycling        recycling (holy vision)        RE: GREEN JEWS (US)    

 SCS CERTIFIED RECYCLED CONTENT      RECYCLE RANGER (local, US)      RECOVERY RECYCLING techno rescue      Rock Church: Recycling Ministry (US)    
     alegory (Nepali Times)      bluecirclepress.blog      Buy Sell Trade re-cycle    
     Preschool: Recycling Program (Tx, US)      recykling globalny      Green Scouting Award - recycling (US)      harmony recycling (FE)

  Redemption Recycling Family Center (Pa, US)

 recycling revolution        reciclar artwork (BR)

 Frankenstein (human parts 100% recycled)        evil recycled (PS)        Religion - Hate - Fear (comune.solonghello.al.it)

 seven religions      HARMONY IS PURE LOVE

 3 x RE / 3 x L - Live - Love - Learn

 yoReciclo (NJ, US)      recyclereminders.com (offer)      recycling public info (IL)

 recicla (uel)      (RE) shalomlaam (IL)      recycling doubled

 recycling system (Scandinavian)      sustainability (AT)      sustainability (DE)      recycle Al Gore
   greenanimals.org (HK)      recycling wordpress plugins        DO THE RIGHT THING! RECYCLING      circular economy (local, UK)      Secretary of Defense: REPAIR EXTEND ENHANCE SUSTAIN (US)
 Throw away the [nazi] trash and don't recycle      Throw away the [nazi] trash and don't recycle
   recycling glass containers (deposit, SG)      Recycling Rescue    recycling rescue
 3R World (ornamented)      recycling 24 HOURS (US)
   ecoBali (logo, ID)

    COMPOST (microbial) MAGIC

   repair (aid)



 poison gift for Earth      game (recycling wins)        riciclabile cosm pack (IT, EU)          

 sweet xmas recycling (US)        REGIFT RESPONSIBLY      re-gifting      BE GREEN - REGIFT        reuse nice things

 regift      regift reuse recycle
 recycling green style

 'Xmas cycling time' (UK)  

'śmieszne' obrazki

ta sfera jest szeroko uprawiana i eksploatowana; tutaj wybór. RECYCLING GOES POP


   recycling fest dolls
 recycle care over planet (play)      recycle care over planet (play)

 recycling is OK    recycling doll (reminder)    container promo (doll)      recycling world person    recycling equals profits

    re-round run (US)      re-round run (right)    re-round run (left)

       YOU recycle      recycling tutor        recycling tutor
   world cycling (DT-stock)

   re-bins friendly ('U nás doma třídíme', CZ)      water:] REDUCE YOUR USE - EVERY DROP COUNTS      RECYCLING IS EASY! (fun decal)      Green Living North West (SG)

 SMART -  reuse used wear        YO RECICLO (ES)


 cans smart recycle    zbieramy baterie (ŚPN, PL)    recycle cartoon        I CAN (recycle) - cartoon pic
       yogurt cup recycling  recycle cartoon (monochrome)
     recycle - funny clip - metal cans     recycle - funny clip - newspapers     recycle - funny clip - plastic containers     recycle - funny clip - paperboard / low-grade paper
     recycle - funny clip - glass bottles & jards     recycle - funny clip - office paper & junkmail     recycle - funny clip - magazines & catalogs

 recycling for planet by crayons    Green Girl Recycling (local, US)    3R world cycling

 kids recycle      recycling train toy

            recycle mobile phones (Google)    recycling kid clothes      kids recycling (cover)       recycling is coming      Charlie Brown recycle     

 alu-cans always recyclable    recycling-bin - alu cans    alu-cans recycles  cans recycled life

 kids recycle paper      kids recycling      ekoludek (przedszkole, PL)      recycling kid (IE)

     WE'RE TALKIN' TRASH - Hauling & Recycling Services (Nc, US)      CSUF recycle - ZERO WASTE (California, US)      ...z natury segreguję (PL)      feed your curb-bin (US)

      riciclo (Borse, IT)      riciclo (Borse, IT)      riciclo (Borse, IT)

 reduce waste (thin-bin)    Jetons moins, Trions plus (waste: sort out more, FR)      Slim Your Bin (cartoon)      WASTE REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE (edu, Wa, US)  

 recycle bin happy  ready recycle cart  'angry bins'    happy [waste] bin      bin-it to recycle
 riciclo (Borse, IT)          riciclo (Borse, IT)    
 happy compost activist      compostage = recyclage      COMPOST GUY - Seal of Approval (US)

 yard waste collection (sorted)    Yard Waste Removal (US)    compost (happy bin)

    happy [compost] worms (CA)      vermiculture composting (ZA)      green your garden - Let's get composting!      reduce reuse recycle - Solid Waste Management 
     Team Compost: Food waste isn't trash        Team Compost: Compost me!        Team Compost: I belonging in the compost bin

   Gray Compost Service (UK)      compost worldwide (cartoon)      happy world recycled

   CSR recycling (JP)      recycling fun
     happy recycling      happy recyclage (FR)      genbrug smile (DK)

 happy recycle        GO GREEN (mickey)      recycling smiley      little-brick recycler (Lego)        fun recycle (t-shirt)  

   recycle world smile    halloween recycling        recraft        paper recycling (AU)    recycling (smiley, UK)

 recycle everyday      recicla - RECICLEMOS! (AR)      recycling simple smile

 recycling - fun and easy    office paper easy recycling      world recycle (funny Zazzle pic)    reduce non-stop    

 battery reminder      recycling global cost      local recycling centre (UK)  ecofriend.com    Re-living planet

     recycling smileys

     recycling plastic bottles fun
       BEE A BUSY RECYCLER      recycle: 3 funny creatures    green bee recycling

 recycle (GR)    recycle: 3 funny creatures        HEY KIDS LET'S RECYCLE      cellphones recycling (AU, NZ)    frog (deviant) recycle    

     Reduce Reuse Recycle (kids smiling)      ink cartridges refill & save      Akcja Segregacja (PL)      recycle kids toys      Get Recycling (oldstyle, US)

 recyclesa.com.au    ZERO WASTE HERO    christmas recycle fun (US)    comedy recycling      kids-fun recycle paper    recycle paper (Superfrog)

 kids love recycling
 recycling (kids area)

     3R service - mr Recycle    recycling for kids      recycle hero    Hello Kitty RECYCLE!     recycling frog (funfacts.uk)

 Battery Blitz Mission (Earth Ranger)    I've BIN recycling. Have you?      recycle questions: what, when, why?  rechargeable batteries (PT)    recycling St Patrick day (IE)

 batterijakten (SE)      toys recycling      happy kids returns (UK)      Miami recycle (US)    
 PAC-MAN SAYS - RECYCLE      recyclemania (edu, 2015, US)      POR FAVOR RECICLA PAPEL (BO)

 Artie recycles - do you?        Go Aggies! Go Green! (edu, US)        3R - gopher

 recollect (app, CA)      VIDRIO SI, GRACIAS      REUSE THE BEST ... AND RECYCLE THE REST    

 RECYCLING REVOLUTION      junk removal (Nc, US)      Waste Watchers (CA)      next-door recycling

 sustainable facilities (Wa, US)      TRASH for CASH (Cafod, UK)
   recycling tradition (Edmonton, UK)
 recycle hero (army, CA)      recycling-guide.org (UK)      recycle fun (gov, CN)      NO ONE LIKES (recycle) A TRASHY GIRL

         safe waste disposal (CA)      recycle truck
 kids please recycle


 recycling gold plate

 metals recycling (New River, VA, US)    HEAVY MERTAL recycling    METAL scrap exchange (NZ)


     laser RCW recycler (game)        rock recycled strings sign (bracelets, US)      big-bang mechanics

 recycling (3 sails, b/w)    refil (NL)      Recycle America (DE)  

 recycling (pressed metal plate)

 waste free (US)    riciclabile metallo (IT)      recykling: synteza procesu

 all forms metal recycling        Pfeile in Chrom      4 arrows metal_rotor
   ZARS (Zimmer America Recycling Solutions)        recycling center

       plastics recycling (Wellman, local, US)      creative recycling (US)      plastic composites recycling    polymer recycling (Paklite, logo detal)

  recicla (origami)      recycling (origami, 2014, US)      recykling (trójkąt strzałek)

   recycling point (4 arrows on gray)      roto-re-machinery (CN)      recycling makes sense

 recycling (green cutter)
   roads recycling (Inreco.ro)      SKM recycling (AU)
 recycling schizo

   RECYCLE (metal plate on red)      WASTE RECYCLING INC. (variant logo, US)      recycling services (ims, US)


   mechanical recycling (AU)      global metal flow        metallurgy = recycling

 eco green recyling work    mechanical recycling process
 recycling green tech      recovery poly (US)      recycling shredding
 paper recycling technology (US)      one stream recycling: EASY CONVENIENT EVERYONE (US)      techno recycling      e-industrial recycling    
      Your Scrap. Our Focus. A Greener Future (Ok, US)      INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (US)
 energy efficiency (EU)      cogged wheel recycling      RE-processing (logo, qmanagement.eu)       recup. env. recyclage (FR)  
 recycling mechanic      recycling global industry      recycle center (local, US)      recover mechanics      green technologie
 RE-regulation (green icon)      sustainable development      RoHS Compliant        
 eco green tech recyling      autodesk maintenance (AutoCAD LT, JP)      recycling machine (123rf.com)

 sustainability chain
 production re-cycles      bicycle network victoria      Fundacion Recicla Canarias      
  metal buying/recycling (US)

 Melbourne Metal Recycling (AU)
     ABS Metal Recycling (Houston - Austin, TX, US)      ALLMETAL RECYCLING (Wichita, Kansas, US)

 Star Metal - metal scrap depot (US)      DENVER METAL RECYCLING (US)      advantage metals recycling
   Spring Back Recycling Mattress (US)

 recycling mailback system (US)      ROCK RECYCLED strings

   recycling luxury (stock)

   recycling cogged

  ECO machinery

 plastic recycling (2 arrows)

 RE - 3 colors - cycle      sustainability paper recovery
     Recycle Across America (org, US)      re: 3D circle        recycleacrossamerica.org
      endless motion      concrete recycling (NZ)      stars - Sustainability Tracking, 
      Assessment & Rating System (logo, US)      Ma'agalim (tour-around)
 metal recycling (Hensel)      recycling (MM)      recycle hard materials        
 Landscape Hub (tight 6 sharp green arrows circle)      circular economy (5 arrows)
 RBD Recycling (FR)
 Pacific trading and recycling      recycling wheel (Ariuna, JP-AU)        recycling wheel (Ariuna, JP-AU)        sharp recycling concept

 Air Filter Recycling (Lietmetas, LT)
 recycling triple hook        water turns green      

     PRECISION RECYCLING      recykling znak nitowany      recycling karma      recycling luxury  
 recovery organic      AERC Recycling Solutions (US)      tecno recicla (motif)      Cariboo Metal Recycling (CA)      recycling green mask

   recycling junk cars      recycling (shape green saw) (CR)      4 cycle (buzz saw)      POWER RECYCLING - MAYDAY BUDAPEST (HU)    
 recycling green hooks      recycling jigsaw      rotary engine (mazda)    

 recycle and invest        RE: DoFollow Checker        recykling (zoom natury, PL)

 total waste management (UK)    alien recycling (clipart)      furniture re-use network (UK)

 recycle green race      Ekoa Arkeen - Napapiirin Residuum 
      (Recykling i Zarządzanie Odpadami, FI)  
    (mechanic) recicle (BR)

 fast metal recycling (US)

   recycle cartons (ACE, UK)      Alliance Carton Nature (FR)      ACE - Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment - 
      green tREe scheme

   Toyota recycling process (EU)

   metal recycling (Toyota)

 Charity Recycling Service (US)
   We Recycle At Work.com      BlueStarRecyclers 100% SOLUTION (biz, US)

          crusher recycling (UK)        recycling cats      recykling 100% (green 3D)

     ALWAYS RECYCLE ACTS OF KINDNESS (fridge magnet)      affinity sustainability: SOCIETY - ECONOMY - ENVIRONMENT    recycling paint      re-transform (DK)      recycling industrial (JP)

    STOP BEING LAZY. RECYCLE        recycling equipment        recycle (infograph, FarEast)        sustainability endless journey

      3R peekaboo token      recycle [with] Curbie.com      recycling karma      All Loads Recycled (local, US)
 recycle logo shaped fruit bowl
 (recycling) KARMA      go recycle - amateur work      vinyle recyclage      recycling karma
 TNT recycling        dharma karma (zazzle badge)
 punto limpio (ES)      red recycling pushbutton      RECYCLE YOUR DEVICE

 recycling (green knob)

  Greening Thru Recycling (US)

 RECYCLE rush (robots game)    

 WE RECYCLE      live green (app, PL)      Re-APP

 Bioplastic RECYCLING LINES (IT)      recycled yahoo mail      chessninja.com

   recyclesources.com (TW)      I am e-co (recycling, US)      tepito recicla / sustenta (MX)

   recycle cork      sustainable initiatives     recyclable (6 arrows)    recycling natural way    


 I Am Recycled (.com, tatoo)

 I CONTAIN RECYCLED PARTS (life organs)        Recycle Yourself Become an Organ Donor
 HEART DONATION (US)      RECYCLE YOURSELF - Be an Organ & Tissue Donor      kanseri recycling (TR)

   donate organs campaign (US)      recicla lifestyle        ultimate recycling (blood)        recycling war      recycling / Swiss

 charity recycling (UK)      AUSTRIA RECYCLING      RE: organ donor    

 blood circulation   

 recycle or die



 gold star recycling

       recycling sword      Yellowknife recycle (CA)      recycling cartouche (US)

 cookies recycle promo      green shield recycling      recycling green shield (getty)      recykling - tarcza      safe recycling shield

         BLUE WATER TASK FORCE (US)      REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE - do it      bright shield recycling

   RECYCLING REWARDS FOR SCHOOLS (UK)        PATRULA DE RECICLARE (RO)        recycling (na tarczy)        recycling champions        GREEN SHIELD RECYLING

      GREEN SHIELD BY M.P.E.    SCHOOLS' RECYCLING CHALLENGE (UK, US)    re-sponsibility shield
 RecycleMania - MARCH Recycling MADNESS (edu, US)          recycling police badge
      ScrapShield RECYCLING SOLUTIONS      Recyclemania 2015 - BATTLE OD THE BUILDINGS (edu, US)      Recyclemania 2014 (edu, US)

     AMS SIVER REBATE X-ray film recycling (US)

     recycling trooper shield      green bin on shield      recycling shielding

     LastChaos (recycling game)        I Am Recycling (US)        recycling metal emblem (foto)        materials secure recycling (US)

       recycling shield icon

       National E-waste Alliance (AU)      recycling security      Think Green (recycle pride)

 GREEN SHIELD CERTIFIED (US)    Hempfield Area School District recycles      recycle-mania pride      TREVISO RICICLA (?)      municipal garbage recycling (BG)    

   autorecycling (US)

   recycling buckler (local, MX)
   Plastic Recycling Machinery      recycling (metal mirror)

 recycling REE [rare earth elements], (JP)      ScrapCity METAL RECYCLING (US)    SCRAP.pl (skup surowców wtórnych)  safe waste recycling      recykling - zielone blaszki    

   recycle local (US)

   Composite Recycling Technology Center (WSU, edu, US)        recykling (stalowo-szary)

    recycling redefined: stainless (IN)        recycling metal plate      metal fine recycling      recykling (ciemna blaszka)        metal recycling sculpture (US)

   recycling: steel plate

    recycling metal (Weikert, Il, US)
   recycling (custom-made metal sign, US)        metals recycling (Il, US)
 recycle & composting equipment (AU)

 recycling (gold plated)      recycling converted      recycling copper (IT)

   super recycling hero

   recycling green plate


●  pop design

recycling trywialnie zdebanalizowany


       recycling jewellery          

 recycle sign: eco warrior ring    

 tongue (RE)ring
 kolczyki z logo recyklingu (PL)      
   recykling - medalik      recycling medalion      recycling glass plate

 recycling (Ag - silver pendant)    recycling silver necklace        recycling silver pendant (US)      recykling - wisiorek      recycling - necklace      

 recycle (metal bangle)      recycle (metal bangle)      recycle (metal bangle)          

   recycling metal 3D      recykling (metalowy odlew)      recycling pendant (silver + green enamel, CN)    recykling - spinka    recycling metal 3D

 reflection silver 3R beads

 yin and yang (metalic)    

 recyklingowy splot      forest care (clasp decoration)      recycle peace (green)      recycling karma (cap, US)

   recykling wisiorek      recycle challenge coin (US)    Advance Soil & Garden Supply (Treetop Permaculture, Ca, US)    recycle earrings jewelry      recycle scrabble pendant

 cyber jewelry

 recycling promo keyrings     brelok (recykling)

 recycling pendant with keyring    real recycling badge      pacyfka      znak 'OM' (metalowy wisiorek)      world-recycling badge

* Pacyfka: znak stworzył (21 II 1958 r.) Gerald Holtom w ramach kampanii na rzecz rozbrojenia jądrowego.
Z wyjątkiem Wielkiej Brytanii, gdzie znak wciąż ma swoje pierwotne znaczenie,
jest on traktowany na całym świecie jako uniwersalny symbol pokoju, pacyfizmu i niestosowania przemocy.

 peace love recycle      recicle ideias      recycling - love & peace      peace love recycle

 recycle / love / peace (sticker)

 recycle peace love (DE)      PEACE LOVE & SCIENCE        recycle (peace, love, rainbow)        I recycle BOYS      I recycle GIRLS

 rasta recycling

 GO GREEN (recycling badge)      Peace Love & Recycling    I LOVE RECYCLING (handmade badge)

 GO GREEN (hippie-style, US)

        recycle medical      recycling pyramid      recykling - wyszyty tamborek      I LOVE reducing waste (badge)      recykling pacyfka      

 recycling symbol (green US flag, Zazzle pendant)    Vintage love (recycling)    RECYCLE (reminder - fridge magnet)

 tatoo 'recycle'      blue christmas

 nice recycling



 repair & restore
 recycling (reminder) paper clip      ROCK PAPER SCISSSORS recycling [?]
 REDUCE Reuse RECYCLE - the exchange (Orcas Island, US)      6R story - REPAIR      repair to reuse (stock)

 Green Recycled Parts    Just-Recycling Engineering Services (UK, EU)      RE-use elements    DO IT recycle YOURSELF    magnify recycling      

 restoring_tools    recycle brandblusses (NL)      recyclage brico-jardin (FR)      tools recycling (BR)      repair recycling equipment

    office recycling    recyclage bijoux lunettes (FR)    RECYCLE YOUR UNWANTED EYEGLASSES!    recycling glasses    recycle spools (US)

    recycle vision glasses

 recyclage objet sacs-bagages (FR)
 recycling wrap (US)      Health & Safety Constructions Chalcroft Gehs (UK)
 blacksmith recycle      SHARE. NO WASTE      repair recyclable compliance

 gadgets to recycling      FOR - Food Organics Recycling (sustainable prison, US)

 key to the future

   environmental responsibility      recycle old keys      (RE) Sayarat (Far East)

 Deep Green (recycling)        recycling poster (splash effect, ES)      recycling trophy (US)  

    ETERNAL LIFE (super-glue repair)
 zero waste campus (US)      paintcare.org    recycling painting      paint recycling brush
 recycle paint materials

 recycle paint/chemicals (CA)


   IKEA reuse & recycle

 Takoma seats recycle art 2016
 recycle furniture      Recycled Office Furniture (NC, US)
 recycling furniture      furniture recycling (FR)      recycle chair

 Greenchair: recycling made easy (CA)      recycling old furniture      recyclable tuinmeubelen (NL)      recyclage old furniture (meubles, FR)
 furniture collection for recycling

    recycling: sofa      recycling furniture        recycle office furniture

  recycle furniture (UK)

   office furniture re-cycling


    (auto) BEZ ALKOHOLU      glock recycling (DE)      dude, it's not that hard: RECYCLE    recycle your guns (UK)      ECO DRIVING

 recycling OK (AU)      recycle green peace    recycle (designbyhumans.com)        recycling OK

 ecologicdesigns.com (US)
     recycle world (art-cut)      recycle & star - merge symbols

 zakaz zakazu

 RE-3D metalized recycling sign    
   recycling (metalic decor)      recycling (Dubai)      Asiae recycles (KR)

 reciklaza nije blamaza (RS)  


 recycling (green cup)

 RECYCLED (cup of coffe)      Vegware (stamo)      Vegware (logo)
     respect for food      sustainable design (FI)      repas de pates (army, CA)    respect for food

 PREMIUM QUALITY NATURAL PRPDUCT (stock)      recycling green / eco-dinning      green drinks boulder      sustainable feeding
 donatedontdump.org    organic food movement      recyclable cutlery  

 bambu recyclable cutlery
 reusable bottle      recyclage des bouchons (FR)
 recycle cork (round)

 LIBERALS RECYCLE MYTHS      recycle mug    recycling (mug, JP)      recycle (white mug)      reuse own cup      ubuntu circle (mug)    3R (mug)    Earth cycle (mug)

   manifest recycling mug        recycle water mug        recycle (mug decor)      recycling-bin blue mug
   recycle cup bin sign

 recyclable cup (no styrofoam)    Keurig-cups recycle (US)      plastic cups recycling        REGIFT RESPONSIBLY (mug)      Simply Cups - Smart Planet recycle (UK)    

 recycle-cups (army, CA)      EKOCUPS (COOL PEEL RECYCLE)      recyclable cup mark

 green recycle cup    grey recycle cup    recyclable flexible packagings    biodegradable cup (UK)    green recycle cup

    CUP TO CUP - RECYCLED    cafe-cups recycle    smart-planet recycling today    recyclability cup    recycle cup (NZ)    101 Collins - cup (etc.) recycling (AU)    eco-friendly paper cup (CN)

 recyclable vending cups    in-CYCLE recycling (cup)    carton-paper cup    compostable cups (edu, US)  recycle incycle cup    recycle save bucks    cup recycle bin

 degradable cup (UK)      recyclable cup      RE -usable -cyclable cups (US)      RE: kartonowy kubek      recyclable cup

      Garbage to Garden      reciclaja productos      projeto recicle (BR)

W pierwszej połowie "nastych" lat XXI w. na Ziemi zużywało się 200 miliardów kartonowych kubków rocznie.
Ta liczba wyłącznie (i szybko) rośnie. O plastikowych nie mam danych, ale podobno jest ich coraz mniej

 reusable cup filters      recycle all cups      K-cups recyclable (US)    

 grocery plastic recycle  


GREEN at WORK (Vancouver, Canada): Recycling Anatomy of a Coffee Cup

ORGANICS • Cup • Sleeve • Stir Stick
As a general rule, although the cup may be waxed, if is tearable like paper, it can be placed into the Organics bin.
Wooden or bamboo stir sticks are also acceptable in the Organics

As long as there is a Recyclables logo and an associated recycling number on the lid,
it can be placed into the Recyclables

Any part of the coffee cup that cannot be placed in Organics or Recyclables, such as Styrofoam sleeves,
non-wooden/bamboo stir sticks, or lids that do not carry a recycling logo and accompanying number

 plastic 6 (PS) cups recycling

 NO plastic cups      BEER cans recycling (AR)      nonrecyclable cups not allowed

 BEER bottles recycling      recycle beer cups      recycling (bierorama.com)

 beer recycling


 doniczka organic


 recycling trophy (US)      recycling trophy

   recycle your game          direct target recycling (quill in disk center)        sustainable surf org

 recycling yo-yo toy

   kayak recycling (CA)      Cultivons le sport responsable (CH)      swoul food (go green)

     RECYCLE THE BALL        recycle kite surfing      recycle rugby ball  

      recicla pelotas tenis      Green Initiative (NHL, US)      NBA GREEN recycling    tennis go green      Green tennis MACHINE (repressurizing, tennis, ball, US)    

 tennis ball recycling (AD-IN BIN, US)

      skate world        goods from recycled skateboards - recyclart.org        skate shirt      crazy skate      recicle skateart

 NewYorkYankees recycling      re:PLAY SPORTS (equipment recycling)    operation balle jaune      recycled poker chip

 GO!RECYCLE - iPod app        Gameday recycling (US)      syntax recycling

 football recycling    recyclage sport objet (FR)      baseball recycling program    basketball recycling (CA)

 recycle race    recycle goals      recycle - race flag

 FIFA Brasil 2014 - SUSTENTABILIDADE       GOOD SPORTS ALWAYS RECYCLE (US)      Go Green (sport, US)
 REPLAY (sport equipment recycling)    

   Re Play    

 mini-basketball recycling

 Boomerang Mattress Recycling (IE)

 7 Springs recycle (green mountain resort, US)

 adidas recycle


   donate organs (CN)

 recycling around humans
 recycling human family      soylent green      recycling (Soylent Green)      recycling humans

 ecovitrum.es      recycling person      mankind needs responsibility (IT)

 reuse (fotolia icon)        reuse (fotolia icon)        reuse - family (fotolia icon)

 recycle together

   RECYCLING DIVA      Vintage [love] recycling never looked so good      recycle something (funny badge)      REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL (NASA, US)      recycling-love Green Girl (button)

Vintage [love] recycling never looked so good, RECYCLE SOMETHING,

 sexy recycling    Recycling is sexy      recicle wife (PR)      Recycling is sexy      girlfriendrecycling.com              

 LOVE recycling (shirt)    

other perspectives

 recyclang gold oil brass (strange)
 express paper (DE)
       recycling (6 green arrows, PL)    recycling - 3 green arrows
 America Recycles Day (edu, US)      recycle (perspective)    America Recycles Day - I RECYCLE PLASTICS (US)  
   recycling - high green pressure    recykling budowlany  recyclage logo (FR)
 elastic recycling (FR)    
 recycling green shine    
 recyclage, pollution (FR)    
   recycling (road info style)      recycling perspective      reciclaghem escola (BR)    recycling future      

    recycling grass        re: road sign (DK)      reciclagem poster      

 recycling base view      recycling reflects      recycling (3D blocks)
 recycling (SI)    cercle national de recyclage      recycling office      recycle - save planet
 real recycling (UK)      recycling office      sustainable construction    recycling base


●  chwyt za serce

sticker jako wyznanie


 I [love] Recycling (Zazzle)

 recycling save the world

 Love Your Clothes (UK)      recycle with heart      textile heart
 PLEASE RECYCLE (VectorOpenStock)    

 recykling w sercu        genbrug love (DK)        love recycling      recykling (zielone serce)        reciclaje de simbolo pegatina (BR)

 recycling (color heart)        recycle: I (love) NZ

 compost - full round (UK)      foodwastenetwork.org.uk-      Valentine's Day recycled      refine

 recycle red arrows heart    red heart (szablon)      recycle broken heart    RE love (DE)      recykling (pink heart)

 RECICLA por tu salud      Freundeskreis (eko, DE)      recycle with orange heart

 re-donate life      recycling love      recykling czerwone serce

 [pink emocio recicla] (BR)   

 recycling: hearthole

 recicla vida      RECYCLE LOVE (b/w)      recykling: czarne serce

 VIDA SOSTENIBLE (with love)

 recykling: green (serce)      recykling: green (serce)      heart-shape (3 green arrows)    recykling: green (serce)    recykling: green (serce)

    recycle heart        recycle heart        green heart      RE green heart (DK)

 green recycle heart    green recycling heart    reciclaje (green 3-arrows-heart)

 reuse materials      recycling (Guernsey - GBG / GG)      recykling: green (heart)      RE green heart
 Ecologia Emocional (ES)      love recycled clothes      love recycled

     RE 3xR love    RECYCLE FOR LIFE - Reuse Always! (ink cartridges)    recycle with love (local, US)    RE freecycle - freegle    Peace Love & Recycle

 love nature (S-stock)      eco responsable (FR)      recycling pulse      GREEN LABEL SINGAPORE

 VIDA SOSTENIBLE (facilisimo.com)      [love] recicla papel (BR)      lovely cup collection

      (Greenpeace.pl)      bicycle re-cycle affect
 recycling made easier      reciclaje (CL)      green heart for Earth
 salvation.org (HK)        apps recycling
 recycle plastic caps

 heart of Nature      Tapones - solidarios (bloger, ES)      recycle RIGHT for herts

     loving recycling (FR)      heart recycled      Palau loves recycling (PW)      recycling over heart      heart quick recycling

     recycled heart (t-shirt, FR)

    more love less plastic

 reduce reuse recycle - LOVE      Americas CRT recycling      Earth love    
     blue heart recycling      recycle heart
     loving Earth      green heart recycling (application mode)    

     love green recycling (sticker)    

   green heart of 3R

   Recycling Lives (UK)

   BE SEEN BEING GREEN (love recycle sticker)

     recycle green love        recycle with love (applique)        RECYCLING LOVE
 love dreams recycling      recycling love-path      recycle with (blue) love      Textile Recycling (MT)

 used clothing drive      sustain lifestyle      non-profit recycling fundrising      bio (green) love    

 leaves heart sign


 ECO FRIENDLY [love] (seal)

 cardboard recycling worth

 Green Heart Film Award (PL)        recycled romances        world green love
     watercare = health (IE)      Energy Label Program (TW)
 slow food cycle      recycled paper heart      pellet perfect cycling
 broken heart to recovery      red heart in 6 green arrows chain-loop      recycle bin with love      recycling (4 arrows in heart)
 Friends of the Earth (FoE) - waste campaign 'Love Recycling'        medical equipment recycling (US)        recycling - heart chain

 RISOSTERIA - Ripara Ricicla Ricrea (IT)


●  kultura to recykling

treści i idee - wciąż od nowa


 green ethiquette circulate  (FR)
 re-used books    Antykwariat Lublin - DAJ KSIĄŻCE DRUGIE ŻYCIE      Elegant Recycling Services

 recyclable binding        recicla cultura        environmental education

 reciclado arte        Recyclepedia (app, CA)

     recycle books      Recycle Your Reading      recycle books

     recycle books      textbook recycling      recycling laptops

     recycle environment info      recycle knowledge      mapping recycling      FOR (Food Organics Recycling) guide (US)

     recycling books mass      books to share      recycling books      green library (edu, US)      recyclage objet jeux-jouets (FR)

    Get Rid Old Books (IR)    zero waste kampus UKM (MY)    books recycling    re-cycle books    books: read-cycling

 book sharing      recicla leitores      recycling PAPER BACK BOOKS

 recycling day (calendar)

 office products recycling (zazzle.com)

 recykling rowerowy (flier, PL)      notebook (recycled paper)      ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH (poster)      ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH: REVAMP      recycling handbook     

REVAMP... (detail of 5x5 RE-composition) 'ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH'
Poster designed by Richard Browning as part of a campaign 'Once is NOT Enough', run by The Body Shop in 1992.
It was an awareness-raising campaign focusing on 'reuse, refill and recycling' practice.

 books content recycling      recycle papers        recicla papel (BR) - [newspaper title] CONSECUENCIA

 Bernadetta Darska: Ucieczki i powroty, 2006 (book cover, PL)  

 envelope recycled

    read - recycle - repeat (America Recycles Day since 1997)      Read and Release - BookCrossing.com      Crayola colorcycle      Crayola goes green
   3 pencils (recycling sign)

    reciclar e educar      nachhaltigkeit (AT)      refill pens

 recycle triangle - 3 pencils      Redigerer (NO)      recycling at school (US)      recycle triangle - 3 pencils

 etiquetado reciclaje - madera (MX)

     ART RECYCLE (3 pencils)        BIO TRIO RECYCELT        recicla cultura

 [rock electric guitar] SAVE THE PLANET

 RECycling RECord (hitrecord.org)      no recycle music (LYRICS - MELODIES - SOLOS)    
 recycling CD discs      Rock & Roll AUTO RECYCLING (US)      recycle vinyl
 recycling fundraiser school-band      rock and recycle      share green music (Billboard, US)      recycling country music

    Rock & Roll AUTO RECYCLING      recycle instruments (US)        South Wave Recycling - Second Wave album 2015      pianorecyclers.com      reusa records

 RE: svensk musik atervinning      music RE-conwerter (ico)      recycle music      celluloid recycling      ROCK - RECYCLE REDUCE REUSE    

    Rock & Recycle (sticker)      cigar-box recycling (CBNation, US)      recycled guitar pick      Recycler les instruments de Musique - MUSIC SOLIDARITY (FR)      recicla latina rock fest

             CESL Asia          RETRIEVE HISTORY (files folder)      recycling on stave

 Recycling Coalition (NM, US)

      recycle cloud      recycle guitars - lightningjoes.com      RECYCL ART
 media recycling

 recyclage jeux-jouets (FR)      old town recycling (ES)      renovation

           recycling drama        BOOK: renew reread return        3R ex-libris style (woodcut-like, edu US)

 WEEE London tricycle THEATRE

      (designing recycling badge)      balloon recycle sign (icon)

 time as recycler      I THINK THEREFORE I RECYCLE. COGITO ERGO RECYCLO (US, 2011)      THINK GREEN (Louisville Uni, edu, US)      recyclables roulette
 reciclo cinema      recycling x-ray film      Ekofilm      recykling filmowy      recykling filmowy

 #camfunding      eko-foto      recyclage photocamera (FR)

 reciclavel cultura (BR)      recyclable digital disks
      switch emboss ECO FRIENDLY

 old games recycling

 recycling soft (US)

 recycling (digital dots)      recycling win      recycling (bio dots)

 reciclavel (BR)

 You Can't RECYCLE wasted time        RECYCLE TIME (music school-book)

 glass mosaic (recycling sign)        recykling (beton na trawie)        nachhaltigkeit  

 cookie-cutters recycle-arrows

   small key recycling
   recycling endless loop

 reprocessing big data      reduce reuse recycle [letterstree]      kultura to natura (MPO)

   raccolta differenziata (IT)        world environment (culture) day      education for sustainability

   multiple cycling space

 recycling promo gadgets      REWOOF REDUCE REUSE (recycled dogs toys, UK)

 recycling game dices

 recycle content
 recycling: lucky numbers        recycling wins (US)
 recycling: lucky numbers
 green cube with pointing arrows      recycling dice
 recycling game dice

 eco chain puzzle

    green recycle dices  blue puzzle recycling  political recycling (PO'VII'16, PL)  recycle (reconnect elements)  green recycle dices

    recycling solutions (puzzle)      all forms must fit      Be a piece of the puzzle, Recycle today!      all parts must fit      recycling (puzzle set)
  recycling remains        MOVE (world) GREEN (again)
 broken puzzle loop      recycling knowledge (WIKI)      sostenibilidad comunicar (ES)

 reciklaza puzzle      Get Matched (green puzzle, US)  recycle green puzzle  build green future    recycling puzzle

      recycling puzzle      combined resources      recycling puzzle set      recycling puzzle

   recycle green (scrabble)        3 plates with trash bins (3D)      recycling puzzle fit       recycle green (scrabble)
 recycle (pill-key coin)        cycling (3D button)        recycle (ceramic plate)
 recycle igloo        recycling (decagon plate)      
 recycling puzzle

 data recycling (NM, US)

 recycling puzzle

 RE (wood bobbins)


●  freehand RE-works

okołorecyklingowy nurt / styl odręczny



 inspiradion: Martin Cornelis Escher

 rewriting (Martin C. Escher)        rewriting (Martin C. Escher)

Od góry: Recycling Turns Things Into Other Things, Which is Like Magic ♥ Please Recycle
+ dwie stylizowane grafiki (inspiration: Martin Cornelis Escher - re-invention, self-re-writing & re-creating)

 recycling (green crayon)      recycling (by pencil)      finger-pointing recycling      recykling: rysunek kredką    

 recycle (stick-it memo)    
 reminder recycling
 RECYCLE IT! (post-it reminder)
     recykling pinup reminder      pin-it - recycle      remember recycling    recycling post-it reminder      pin-it - recycle

 recycle (green post-it reminder)      pin-it - recycle    recycle board memos      recycling (green post-it reminder)
 toys2help-com (3R combinations)    
       go recycle! (reminder)  recyclage signal (FR)

 Today's Agenda: recycling      REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE (pin-up reminder on wood)

  reciclar art (Zazzle)  

 recycle freestyle (on yellow)    recycle freestyle
   DON'T WASTE: CREATE!      RECYCLE        recycling nature naive

 recykling (color linocut)        recykling - kolorowanka      reciclaje (freehand)

 green cycles artwork      recycle cars artwork      glass cars artwork    

 recycle trends  

 kids recycle (Ont, CA)      SAVE THE EARTH (3R)      trashy world      recycling for planet by crayons
 reduce reuse recycle RESPECT      respecte l'evironnement        5R (T-shirt)

   reciclagem (BR)    
 recycling (plasticine ribbon)    recycling - strips (woodcut)    

 recykling: przecierka (green)    recykling: przecierka      recycling: semi-hand draw    

 recycling: green lino-stamp      3R peaceproject      RE: speed draw      recycling tangled badge        recycle (green-art badge)
 recycling durable (FR)      recycling: hand draw badge      green recycling (IE)      recycling (Dreamsan, US)

   recykling artwork      recykling artwork      recykling handcut      recycling (freehand, green)      recycling re-print
 recycling green hand (draw)      recycling: black, sharp      recykling: brush effect      recycling green (nervous)

 recycling tercera (RS)     recycle textiles      recykling - szkic zielony      znak recykling: handy colors

 recycling: hand draw      uni-recycling bin label      food waste processing      recycling: coal+colors draw      earth-heart (recykling)

 home re-made plate        Reuse Reduce Recycle Cambridge (US)        recycling - fast dry paint on blue

 recycling by composting

   RE: 8 arrows circle      Rare Earth Recycling      RE: freehand 4 arrows circle    
 zero waste party      recycling batteries (BRUNP, CN)

   green force recycling      recycling (green crayon, US)

 recycle plate (cafepress)    recycling drawing vision      feel good recycle    

 recycling: pencil sketch        ornament / recycling      recycle: 3 arrows sketch circle      recycle: 3 arrows sketch triangle  

 recycling Karma      recycling - composting    peace love green reuse      waste hell      recycling: black woodcut

W środku: peace love green reuse (hipisowska stylizacja, 2015!)

 recykling artwork    green area recycling (ME)      A NetDom preserva a natureza (reciclado, BR)    recycle (pen-draw)      recycling sign (draft)

 celulose reciclada (detal, BR)        recycle T-shirt imprint art  

 recycling sign (acrylic dot-paint, Biggs)      recycling (green cut-print, US)      global REcycling (draw)      recycling (amateur collage)      recykling koronkowy

 recycling (TR)      recycle (watercolors)    recykling artwork      recycling green watercolor      recycling (artwork, UK)

 recycling by Adobe

      recycling (speed pen)      3 arrows hand-made (splint) recycling sign      RE: 3 arrows circle mosaic      recycling (3 green arrows by hand)      recycling (coal arrows)

 RECYCLING (fast black draw)      Waste Management (AU)      recycling scratch (edu, US)

 szablon recykling (paint)

       recycling (green bleeding)        latex paint recycling      recycling paint (CA)

 recycle rainbow (peacemonger.org)

 polymers recycling (IN)


●  nano-graphology

pixel is the limit




 recycling take back
 recycle binary        waste management (Abudabi)        plastic recycling (US)
 recykling dots pic       recykling szrafowany
 recykling kleks      recykling (kleks / inkspot)    recycling splash (greens)

 recycling culture      recykling kwitnie      recicla      peace love happiness      recycle reduce reuse

 reduce reuse recycle      recykling kompost      reduce reuse recycle        recycle nearby things      recikliraj (RS)

 environment policy (EU)      Gypsum Recycling Int.      recycling plastic
 e-Waste Drive        recycle environment (letter ball)      3 RE (words) pattern        recycle ecology (letter ball)
 Sostenible (Andorra)      recycle points (waste cloud)      recycling cloud

   Recycling Handbook (2 arrows on blue)        therecycler.com        civilization to recycling

 recycling advantages      recicle (devianart)      security shredding (UK)      recycling alu cans

 recykling jest zielony      recycling endless stream        recykling chmura      recykling listeczkowy    many little recycling signs in one    

 greenpeace: re-waste (US)        recycle micro-water      Punctual Recycling Clipart Symbol        recykling (stars on green)    

 recycling (re-multiplikacja)

 waste mosaic (US)      recykling plastik      recycle it

 planet of things        better world by design        planet of action        SAVE OUR EARTH! (IN)        planet of thoughts

 green heart for Earth      green yin yang      eco living (JP)      recycle americas      recykling TESCO

   raw foods      raw foods      World Began Month (NOV)      raw foods      raw foods

 sustainable world      recycling made easier      re-mix      sustainable life      recycling reverse   
     recycling metal loop      recycling headlines      flower power - recycle      recycling (yellow-dusty)          
 plate with word 'recycle' (color plastic caps)

   recykling - granulaty      

 bottle-cups recycling art

 word 'recycle' (color plastic caps)

 sustainable world
 dotted re-cycle      'cradle to cradle' idea      mission zero (edu, CA)      circular economy (CN)
 bottle-cup recycling outline
   recycling goes 'round      all directions recycling      WE LOVE TO RECYCLE!      5 circular arrows (dotted)

 text-messages - recycling

 recykling jedyna droga        recyclemania tree      3R all around    

 natural_cycle      global living plant    
 nature care & reuse (nano text cloud)      
 unclosed loop      recycling chains  

 recycling labirinth (US)

 recyclage (3 b/w arrows, FR)

 melting stardust        recycling wording        recycling babylon

 meta-recycling - intersection      textile recycling - global      G - green white dots arrow

 recycle plastic scraps      COLORCYCLE [Crayola]
   international flags formed recycling arrow
   sustainability universe

zaskakujące koliste nano-kompozycje przedmiotów do recyklingu - recycling-world.eu

















tabela (full specification) znaków / kodów recyklingu

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