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 world eco existence

 mini RE cycle  fotolia.fr


●  Mother Earth

eco world


 Recyclable Planet

 Universum recycling        REDUCE Reuse RECYCLE: It's All About The Planet      Too Good to Waste / Reduire c'est agir (CA)    (bi-cycle) KEEP CALM AND SAVE THE EARTH (UK)        RECICLA POR AMOR AL PLANETA    

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew" - Marshall McLuhan

    ECONOMIE SOCIALE ET SOLIDAIRE (FR)      EARTHSOUL (logo): 100% Biodegradable 100% Compostable (IN)      GLOBAL RECYCLING FOUNDATION (BIR, London)

 Solar Solve - SAVE FUEL & MONEY - REDUCE CO2      Green World - Les Services Recyclage (FR)      PLANETE PROPRE (FR)

 recycling - World Karma

 THINK GREEN (global)      recycling green globe      Recyclinators - INSPIRING GREEN      recycling world    

 GREEN PLANET RECYCLING (AU)        replanetusa.com logo      SUSTAIN EARTH sustain-earth.com    

      BIR (Bureau of Intl. Recycling) Initiative

 recycled planet reflect    
 reciclar desechos        Recycling Science Fair (Moody, US)    

 eco-sphere recycling        recycling Earth panorama        RECYCLING MONITOR  
 (recycle) Save Our World      recycling Americas      world recycling content      The World self-recycling

   junkyard homeworld      recycle to survive      recycled Earth

 The INTERFAITH CENTER for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT      green Earth future      Earth needs green recycling (Earthcare, clipart)      recycle planet      Cure Mother Earth - Recycle (kidscures.org)  

     PRESERVE PLANET EARTH        WE ARE ALL RECYCLED STARDUST        environmental health

Kofi Annan: "Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited...
If we are to go on living together on this Earth, we must all be responsible for it"

       mass hypnosis: ANTIRELIGION - ANTIWAR - ANTIGOVERNMENT        recycle (galaxian mode)


 Earth (recycle vision)

 recycling throughout globe      metal global recycling (AU)      recycling save the world

 poly-bubble-mailers worldwide    

Global Recycling Day - march 18

   Global Recycling Day 18 03 (.com)

 second hand clothing - Italian Recycling (IT)
 3 color recycling Earth (ES)      global recycling      recykling global wielobarwny  
 recycle world / descarte inteligente (BR)      recykling globalny      GO GREEN eco friendly GREEN CUSTOMS (KGH Group, SE)    recycling 3D (Earth stock)

 global recycling      recykling globalny      recykling globalny    recykling globalny      global recycling    

   recykling globalny
 recycling over foggy Earth        recycle Earth globe
 global recycling      recykling globalny        global recycling
 recykling globalny        recykling globalny        recykling globalny        global recycling
 global recycling      recykling globalny      global recycling      recykling globalny      global recycling

 global recycling      recykling globalny      global recycling
 recykling globalny      recykling globalny      recycle worlkd around PRC (CN)      recykling globalny
 global recycling      ensuring circular economy      global recycling      recycle Earth (rendered)      recykling globalny
 recykling globalny        recykling globalny
 global recycling      recykling globalny      recykling globalny      chamberofcommerce.com      global recycling
 global recycling      recycling small planet      global recycling      recykling globalny
 recycling global (IL)    recykling globalny      global recycling
 recykling globalny      recykling globalny

 global recycling - reverse

 world recycle textiles        recycling global        recykling globalny        recykling globalny (proffesional design)
 recycling global      recycling global tight      world recycle vision
 recykling globalny      recykling globalny (Earth foto)      recycling Earth (stylish)      recykling globalny

 global recycling        recykling globalny        global recycling

 global recycling        global recycling      recykling globalny        recicle world (TR)        global recycling

 global recycling      recykling globalny      Technical Knock Out (comp & e-recycling, US)
 recykling globalny      global recycling      global recycling      global recycling

 recykling globalny      global recycling        recykling globalny

    recycling global    recycling global      recycle Earth_Day
 recycling global        recykling globalny
 recycling global saver      global recycling        recycling graphic global
 recycle for reuse        recycling world (stylish arrows)
 global recycling      global recycling        recykling globalny

 ABC (metals recycling, US) - gold tin iron Aluminium 
      - cobalt zinc lead Brass - platinum silver nickel Copper      recykling globalny      recicla (BO)      recycling global tight    recykling globalny

 global recycling      recykling globalny      world recycle movement (TR)        worldcycling (CN)
 recycle our world      global recycling      recykling globalny      global recycling      recykling globalny
 green blue globe cycling      recycling packaging waste (IT)      recykling globalny      recycling earth globe
 world green solution      global recycling      global serial recycling

 Earth cycling (7 arrows wheel)

 public health and recycling (UK)

 recykling naturalny        recykling globalny      recykling naturalny      Earthspace recycle (JP)      recykling naturalny

 recykling water-air        recykling chmury        recykling blue sky        recykling chmury        recycling air

 sustainability circle      recykling sielanka        recycling clouds      sustainability circle

 recycle heart      recycling_4_stages      recycle environment (Vichy, US)

Four stages: Sustainable DESIGN - Responsible PROCESS - Safe & Efficient USE - Eco INTEGRATION

 sky recycling      air natural recycling

 air recycling      open-air recycling      open air recycling

   Alliance Bio Energy (Fl, US)      EIP-AGRI 2015 Workshop ‘Opportunities 
      for Agriculture and Forestry in the Circular Economy’ (EU)      Neutral Fuels (UK)

 recycle life space        ghost world recycling        recykling naturalny        recykling - globalna metafora  

 Earth-sphere recycling

 Eco Park Design (ZA)
 common recycle around      San Diego Recycling Decal (US)
 recykling energii      natural recykling      nature recycling (green outline frame)
 recycle climate (DE)      natural recykling        recykling naturalny        nature cycle (stock)
 recykling naturalny      recykling naturalny      eco (bio) force (AU)      reciclagem (BR)      recycling nature flow
 recykling globalny      recykling globalny      recycling global view      life cycle (DE)
 recykling sepia      sustainability      recykling na ratunek

     recycling - hydrology cycle (graph)      Reciklaza / trzy żywioły (PL)    recycling water cycle

   recycling energia verde        recycling world (RO)        Master Recycler (SLC, US)

    Earth-space recycled

 recykling globalny      global recycling      recykling globalny      recykling naturalny      blue planet recycling (US)

 global recycling      ecosphere recycling      kozmic blue recycling      recycling: clouds & molecules  

 recycling over globe - earth_needs_recycling    recykling globalny        climate recycling      recykling globalny    recykling globalny  

   global recycling model 3D      recycling over planet      recycling [world] (Arcoval, EU)      global recycling
 recycling global ramge      planet circular economy      recycle earth model
 world recyclable resources (JP)        globe recycling centered
 renevable world energy

 Earth Day long    
 Save the [sweet] Earth      recycling extreme      More Ocean. Less Plastic (5gyres.org, US)
 OZE - odnawialne źródła energii (PL)    Earth - recycle tag
   eco sustainable travel

   global RE-ality


●  recyclable planet




 circular world (FR)      e-waste world      ekonomia globalna - recykling    

 recykling globalny      recykling green planet      world need recycling      recykling_globalny      recykling_globalny

 sustentave tecnologia (BR)      recycling small scale      eco-life (PL)        DUTCH GREEN BUILDING WEB

 sustainability questions (IT)      less waste world      recykling globalny        NATURE (GreenDiary.com)        world re-creation

    planete recyclage [things]        SUSTAINABLE YOU        bio-technologies (IT)      planete recyclage (FR)

 recykling_globalny      eko generacija (SE)        recykling_globalny

 sostenibilita ambientale (IT)        ECOLOGY MOVEMENT sticker      crowded planet

    sostenible_monde      sustainable development world upcycling      circular global economy

   blue global recycling      papier-carton recyclage le monde (FR)      sustainable world limits

 world green environment recycling        Earth system        world green environment recycling


 living planet        Happy Earth Day (US)      technologico mundo (MX)
   green world (AU)        recykling_globalny      RECONOMY        recykling globalny

 recykling globalny      circulaire economie (monde)      global village      ekonomia globalna      recycling or death

 Peittoo kierrätyspuisto - Peittoo recycling park (FI)    duurzaam (sustainable, durable, NL)    Recycle Quebec (CA)        

   global recycling doubled    Recycle.co.uk

   SAVE THE (tree) PANET      earth re-concepts      UMWELTZEICHEN (eco-label, AT)

 recycling Universe-scale      World Environment Day (Freepik)      recykling globalny      Earth so small      recycling works globally  

   Recycle for our Future      ZERO WASTE PROGRAM (US)      recycling to survive

 biomass power      global interchange      recycling global goal  

 ISIS - International Standards for Integrated Sustainability      Earth love      repense 3 R (global, BR)      waste to energy      The Sustainability Trust (Rotarians for Sustainability)

 EARTH DAY FACTS (graph)      Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP)      reciclata (e-world, PT)

 circulaire economie
 sustainable coexistence

 urban recycling (US)

 e-co friendly options (CA)

 recycling Earth-fruit

 world recycling (3D concept)

 global vision recycling

 RE-world (nicepic, US)        digital globe recycling        ENVIRONMENT - HEALTH - SAFETY - Happy New Year 2016  

 (world) GO GREEN      PLANET SMART      RE (inspire, UK)
 Earth care full circle      Earth green power



●  obrót globalny

total reclaim


 Pangeia (before recycling)

 3 x re - REduce REuse REcycle (splash)      worldwide recycling sticker

 ekspansja recyklingu      recycling (green Earth, pic)      Recycling Initiatives (NZ)      RECICLE +

 RE: 3R global      Earth Day      4R Earth Day      green product    
 RE: 3e global      recologize        RE: 3R global        Earth Day: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Replenish - Restore        reuse repair rethink
 reduce reuse recycle        reduce reuse recycle
 recycle Earth        recycle Earth      recycle global
 recicle reuse reduza        MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE (recycle)        RECYCLE REDUCE REUSE (pastel global vision)        rethink reuse recycle
 recycle global      reduce reuse recycle      recycle Earth
   reuse recycle renew        reduce reuse recycle      PLANET EARTH RECYCLING LTD (CA)      Planet Recycling Company (logo)
    reduce reuse recycle        reduce reuse recycle        reduce reuse recycle
 Recycling is Easy        100% bio-ecology - eco world - green biotechnology
 Global Recycling Day - 18.03 (March)

 recycle Earth        recycle Earthcycle        reciclar reducir reutilizar
 SPACE COAST RECYCLING (US)        R5 global recycling
 reciclar      lonely earth recycling      RE: 3R global
 hyaline Earth      Earth inside of recycling symbol      recycling jewel (prestige, US)      recycle earth sensitive

 recycling global (Pepsi)      global recycling (heavy)    recycling close (local, US)    blue Earth recycling      recycling global space

 earth-cycle focused      recycle think globally      recycling around globe      GO GREEN - I SUPPORT AUTO RECYCLING (US)

 reduce reuse recycle      green world      reduce reuse recycle  
 recykling green world      RE: circular world economy      recykling globalny      recykling green world
 recycle Earth (clipart)      global recycling (West Coast, US)      global recycling (IT)

 recycling (green globe, edu, Tx US)      recycle covered Earth (UK)      environmental claims (US)      CCU - Carbon Capture and Utilization (DE)

 elements world recycling    planet recycled    Iron & Metal (3 Rivers, Wv, US)    Earth recycling rule    buy recycling (NAPA, US)  

 recycling global      sostenibili eco (IT)        recycling (transparent globe)

 repensar projecto      recycling global cat      sustainable world

 atlas (wycinanka)
 recycle Earth motion      world in RE-process
 eco-world        recycling local center (US)        reutilizar (MX)
 zielona planeta      environmental wellness      earth sustainability      earth sustainability
   earth sustainability      recykling globalny      arrowsphere earth
   recykling globalny      whole Earth recycles
   eco green world      planet recycling (Getty Img.)      regenerate IT (UK)
     recycling: GreenEarth (US)      Green Circle Recycling (LLC)      reciclaggio globale      recykling globalny

 GRS - global recycle standard      global landfill or recycling      GRS - global recycle standard (sketch)

 global recycling      recycling world triangle        sustainable development (BS)      recycling global
    recykling glob      rethink it all (US)      recykling globus
 recycling - Earth Day      recycling global - fresh green        circular pollution Terre        recycling around planet      
     recycling - Ohio pride        REcycle e-waste (US)        developpement durable (FR)

 diversified recycling        [RE]cycled Earth (3 'fast' green arrows, Colourbox)        innovative recycling

     continuous Earth cycling

     RE - globalization (NL)      Respeto medioambiental - tres erres - yo Re cielo (ES)      RE - globalization (Ecogen, UK)

 EARTH DAY (US)    recycle reduce reuse    Earth - recycling generator

    Earth love        human recycling - joga kundalini

 Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Earth Day - April 22, 2010      Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Earth Day 
      - April 22, 2010 (b/w)      recycling blue Earth

   'caring for our world'      recycle reduce reuse globally      reduce reuse recycle      EPA worldwide
 recycling 7th generation      RECYCLING MATTERS      red-dot Earth recycling      reduce reuse recycle rethink      Sustainability - Compliance - Profitability  
 3R (vanishing Earth)      3R world (stamp)      RECYCLING CLOTHING COMPANY (logo, UK)      REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE - ecocontractor.org
 reduce reuse recycle      recycling saving    Earthworks Recycling      save our/your/my planet
 recycling sharp (DE)      recycle reduce reuse      3R (global, US)      recykling globalny      reciclagem (HR)

 umweltfreundlich (DE)      RECYCLE ALL HUMANS      bio-world: 100% NATURAL - ECO-FRIENDLY


   Keep It Green - Recycling      LIGHTWEIGHT STRON RECYCLEBLE (aluminium)      Stena Recycling - Circular Economy Award 2018      porthole to recycling      recycle please

 dont waste our future      recykling globalny      world system recycling (Adobe stock)      STOP GLOBAL WARMING (recycle, fotovoltaiconorditalia.it)

   moda ecologica - slow fashion (Santo Fruto, ES)      LEAD BATTERY RECYCLING      recycle Earth (triangle, JP)      Earth re-movement      PET sustainable (EPBP.org)

 e-world recycling        used oil recycling (global scale)      ecofriend.com (packaging green)    

 recycling genome program      SAVE THE EARTH - RECYCLE (seal)      recycling globe mark      Conservation (window decal)
 Reduce Landfill - Green Building

 recycle whole planet    recicla para la vida      reuse it or lose it  

  recycling global rotation    RE-Earth (2 green arrows)    Gospodarka Odpadami Utylizacja Odpadów At-Work (PL)    global resources recovery    recycling global rotation

 blue earth cycling    recycling global rotation      recycling global rotation      reciclaje sostenible (ES)

 RECYCLING UNIT      global utilisation      it's not garbage (CA)      recycling globe scheme

 re-cyclon      Lake Lure recycle program      recykling globalny
    recykling globalny      recykling globalny      recykling globalny      recykling globalny
   recykling globalny wirowy    recykling globalny wirowy    recycling global (FR)    Earth: recycling idea    global recycling is comin'

 U SUSTAIN      bergvaerme atervinn jorden (SE)      holistic recycling sense      Earth-sfera recycling



 gentle Earth recycling        UN (ONZ, PL) + recycling

   recycling global pic        recykling promienie blue        recykling globalny

 change your thinking change the world

   recycling foggy global      global smog recycling      recycling global (TR)

     Greenpeace logo        recykling - 3 strzałki - Ziemia          recykling globalny

    recycle arrows over globe      Nautral Fuels: Asses - Reduce - Re-use - Replace (Dubai, UAE)      nice word RECYCLE
 world recycle levels      recykling globalny      recykling globalny (variant)      Earth - living planet

    global recycling (tt logo, UK)      computer recycling (local, US)      recykling globalny

 recycling = global care

 Re-cycle Remanufacture Refurbishment (planet future)        global recycling        Orenco Systems (wastewater, Or, US)

 recykling globalny        recycling mondial        global recycling

 recykling globe      earth2earth.com (biobags)      100% BIODEGRADABLE - BioSphere      Global Recycling Incorporated (Queen of Steel, US)      global circulation

 sustainable composting solutions (US)        ONE EARTH RECYCLING      Waste Reducer      A Sustainable World is our goal      our globe (edu, AU)    

 groen transport (DK)        RECYCLE NOW!        world recycle (2 green arrows circle)      SUSTENTABILIDADE LOGISTIC REVERS (BR)    
 [world] - it's in your hand (balloon)
 OUR HOME OUR PLANET - PROMISE (Reckitt Benckiser)        It's a small planet... RECYCLE        3R (REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE) around Earth      OUR HOME OUR PLANET (Reckitt Benckiser)
 GREEN GLOBE      recycle power around      EARTH DAY EVERYDAY (stock, US)      green globe certified      EARTH DAY EVERYDAY    

   zero waste: Towards a Circular Economy (EU)      RE: 3R global knot      reduce recicla reutiliza (ES)


zero waste (world) - Towards a Circular Economy (EU), RECYCLE - ONE WORLD, ONE CHANCE,
REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE, ALL SHE NEED IS LOVE (reduce recicla y reutiliza)

 recycling double outline      
 RE: past present future      RE: naszywka      Our Planet Recycling      Earth Day

       World Recycling Day 2009      American Textile Recycling Service (atrsonline.com)      3R - DO YOU PART (local, US)      Over 60% Sustainable Materials    global recycling set

 no way out      RECYCLING AT SCHOOL IS COOL (US)        environmental world wellness

   endless road around world (to recycling)

   NEM TODO LIXO E LIXO (BR)      recycling cozmic crafted     Planet Recycling Company      green-world recycles      (sustain earth) ENERGY TRAVEL WASTE - FRAGILE

 greEnergy (world recycling)      Don't Disgrace, Embrace (recycle Earth)

   ECOMUNDO      reciclaje de la muestra      recycling painted shine

 green Earth principle

 WBA - World Bioenergy Association
 waste wise      Advances in Recycling & Waste Management (US)
 local-global recycling (Bellaire Spply, Cleveland, Oh, US)    

 l'economie circulaire (FR)  

 circular economy (FR)  
         Unlocking the circular economy potential 
      (https://www.circul-r.com)    circular economy parten (FR)

Recycling - Freecycling - E-cycling - Precycling - Downcycling - Upcycling

     Western Recycling Technologies      world cycle (8 green arrows square)      PROJETO EQILIBRDO ECOLOGICAMENTO (homeostasis)

    3R world cycle        recycling tires
     global cycling green chain

   Ysleta del sur Pueblo (3R recycling program, US)

 3R (paint-it bag)

     RECYCLE aathchursail (IE)        Keep Recycling (mosaic)      ZAŁOGA EKO - chcemy żyć w czystym świecie (PL)

RECYCLE - DE AN ATHCHURSATL (IE); Keep Recycling: Protect Our Children, Our Earth, and all Living Creatures;
ZAŁOGA EKO - chcemy żyć w czystym świecie (PL)

 [recycle] Save the planet for our children / 
      salvar o planeta para nossas crianca      Make the Earth Great Again! (pin/badge)      EARTH DAY IN TUNE WITH NATURE: IMAGINE - LEARN - ACT      EARTH DAY AWARENESS April 22 - THINK GREEN      Green Build Solutions (logo, US)

[recycle] Save the planet for our children; Make the Earth Great Again!; build green solutions;

 reciclagem processo (BR)      wastewater & storm water treatment (US)      green Earth recycle      eco green globe cycled  

 green world (stock, RU)        global recycling shield
 recycle Earth - red alert!

    recycling hell        recicla        recycling can save earth    recycling pink alert    recycle the world

       Custom (metal) recycling (US)      DO NO HARM - RECYCLE AND PROTECT OUR PLANET      waste around globe

 EXTREME RECYCLING        water_jouneys        ekolojik recycling (TR)        water interference         respect

 recykling globalny      recycling universe (NASA, US)

 recykling globalny        nasarecycles.nasa.gov      Dominikana Recicla

 3R / green carbon        
 recycling global (crayon print-work)      recycling global (crayon print-work)
      Reclaim Recycle ReUse    EARTH HIGH RECYCLING TEAM (t-shirt print)    recycling worldwide    3R over globe    curbsides gone green (US)

     world atomic recycling      green mother Earth (Zazzle)      world atomic recycling      
 recycling (spherical shadows)      recycling (spheric shadows)
 recycling over world

 recycling global (bw)    

 PRODUKT PRZYJAZNY ŚRODOWISKU (arch., PL)      recyclable object      Global Ecology (ES)      

 Ecota Environmental Technology (CN)      keep Earth green      circular world (stock)      world green base      recycle your PC (US)

    worldwide green ecycling        Green World (opony, PL)        BFC Composting (Mo, US)    PRIJATELJ OKOLISA (BA)

 recycling (CA)      global cycle (2 arrows scheme)      world go round (US)      global recycling ideogram  
 recycle world idea      green earth symbol      MINT GREEN PLANET
 recycling world ideogram      recycling geo graph
   green recycles world (stock)

 HP Planet partners recycling

 living Earth culture

 eco-appliance recycling (US)        living blue planet (stock)

   recycling program hp      recycling global symbol      recycle world idea (2 arrows)      world water circulation      recycle world idea (4 arrows)

 globalization symbol        recycle global        [the] planet turn blue

 recycling: golden globe      Earth closed loop    recycle Earth (tired green)  

 recycling globe metalcut      recycling on Earth grid
     recykling globalny      global tour around recycling      recykling globalny

 solid waste management (17 goals, UK)        word go round        Life-cycle assessment

 recycle over globe      recycle over globe      recycle world programs

 recycling green global      shoes recycling (Flagshare, US)        recycle sphere

 Earth recycle spirit    recycling virtual globe    recycling biz (CSI, better bag, US)    recycle global system
 0 WASTE - Recycle More (level 2/3, Co, US)
 recycling saves life (NL)      recycling over globe (BR)      world recycling oppression (stock)

 recycling global action        environmental monitoring (MY)

 swirling recycling globe

 Earth orbital recycling      REDUCE (world scale)      

 returning planet (ico)      global responsible recycling (ico)      orbital recycling      REFETIL-info (IT)
 LOCATION (DT PureLine)      SAVE PLANET (DT PureLine)
 global coop network
 recycling scaffold        Global Recycling Day 18 03 (.com)        battery return program (IMPOSSIBLE, AT)        global recycling symbol

 recycling save our planet        recycling - red-dot alert        recycle everything

 a must for recycle world (4 arrows)      eco world (quadruple arrows)
 recycling white hole  

 recykling zielony wybuch
 world green power      World Environment Day 2016  

 world bio engine    bio global power (BR)    think green (Far East)    kontenerygreentree.pl

  Earth: keep (planet) green  recycling global program        earth bio power

       LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE recykling (folia, Colorpack, PL)
             water - East-South Earth      sustainable strategy      garbage and recycling (On, CA)      Sunnyvale Recycling (US)

   recycling station      global recycling process      The Globe goes green (3 green arrows orbit)      recycle Earth      global circular cycle

   live Earth - water planet      live Earth - green planet      biodegradable Earth      [our] green world (icon)    live Earth - blue-green planet      live Earth - green-blue planet

 recycling live globe (IN)  recycling live globe    recycling live globe    
     recycling station      RE green power planet
         organic wear (Cottonwood, PL)      keep Earth green      ambient (rentaire, ES)
       blue planet, green recycling        blue-green globe recycling
       bio planet engine          leaves over america        green Earth cycling

   sustainable planet (AR)      SAVE OUR [green] PLANET (clipart)      developpement durable (FR)      Think Green. (globally)

 sustentavel (BR)      greenerpackage.com        zero waste challenge (US)      living planet      green packaging

     Greenlane Biogas (global dairy)    Terra Kula (eko-edu, org, CA)    MS hardware recycle      BIO-PRODUCTS ALLIANCVE (logo, US)

    recycle blue-green world      Biodiesel (logo, ND, US)      green world promo CCBSC (recycle, JP)

 green globe recycling      green globe recycling
 green globe recycling

 [eco-ico] planet

 (forests) SAVE EARTH


 Eco Park Design (ZA)

 ECO RE global care (stock seal)
 Earth Day (icon)      Commission on Sustainable Development (UN)      100% eco-friendly

  Earth in our hands        world in your hands      world needs our care

   Earth eco care (ES)      3R globe care (stock)

 SAVE THE PLANET      EARTH DAY (contour pic)      EARTH DAY (green simple stamp)

  EARTH DAY 22 APRIL EARTH DAY (off. seal)

 EARTH DAY 22 APRIL EARTH DAY (green grass seal)


●  regiony i części świata

fragmenty (niewielkiej) całości


 (recycle world): THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY      do your part

 RECYCLING CLOTHES COMPANY LTD (UK)  RE: center Europe    organic wildcrafted natural


 EkoUnia (fb, PL)
 EURELCO      NEW-MINE (logo, rare3.eu [kul.be])
 recycle European Union       Southern Cross Recycling - Resource Recovery Solutions      recycle United States
 MADE IN EUROPEAN UNION (sticker)      European Destinations of ExcelleNce - LATVIA (LV)
 proud recycling EU      sustainable life (EU)      right recycling EU  

 recycling EU (flag)        RE: EU

     recyclage europeens (FR)        Recycling Project Comenius        EU recycling (UK)      

 recycle Europe        recykling polityczny        recykling Polska Europa

   RE - Venezuela verde (VE)      recykling a Polska      recycle / recycling (UK)      recycling Europe

    sustain EU      recycling Ireland      Rare Earth Recycling for Europe (REE4EU)      recycling (UK)      duurzaam (NL)


 recycling swoosh (Wales, UK)      reciclaje Espana        recycling (Gymru/Wales, UK)

 recycle for Wales / ailgylchu dros Gymru    recycle for Wales / ailgylchu dros Gymru
 recycle euroland

     Allemagne recyclage (carte)      recycle (cirandas.net, BR)      reciclagem brasileira       Recicla Brasil      France recycle

 North Queensland’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan (AU)      G-ROC - GEORGIA RECYCLED ORGANIC COUNCIL      Americas recycle      HERO - Healthcare Equipment Recycling Org. (US)

 rotterdam.climate.initiative (NL)  

 New York 234RRR      e-WASTED USA    green brunei com    zero waste landkarte (AU)      RE.LOVE.NATION (AU)

    Recycle for Africa        Wastex Africa    Africa recycle      Africa ambiente

 REDISA - recycling development (ZA)      80% South Africans prefers glass (ZA)      Sustain our Africa / ENOUGH FOR ALL. FOREVER (ZA)

 cleanearthenvironmental.com (Mi, US)      Mission To Save Planet Earth      Maui Recycling Group (.org, Ha, US)      South America recycle

 Iron Mountain Recycling (US)        recycling circumstances        GRANITE RECYCLED (US)

   USA recycle      China recycle (map)

   Activate y Recicla (MX)    USA recycles      W.R.A.P. recycling (US)      recicla Mexico

 Australian Waste Management (pic)      Montgomery County Recycles! (US)      Recicladores del Ecuador    plastic recycling (TH)      Australian Waste Management (pic)      

 COLETA SELETIVA (BR)      Reciclemos IPACOOP (PA)      recycle South America

 full-circle recycling (NZ)      A&L Metal Recycling (AU)      recycle local pride (US)      Panama recycle    
    RE3: reduce recycle reuse
    Better Earth Textile Recycling (US)      sustainable living (AU)
 Australia recycle
 Planet Friendly Packaging - Foodservice Distributor (AU)      PurePlanet (AU)

 Pacific (rim lapel pin, US)

   Oregon recycles (US)      California Electronics Recycler (logo, US)
 Van[couver] Island Waste Management Ltd. CA)      Arizona Recycling Coalition (AZRC, US)      SAN LUIS LIMPO AMBIENTE SANO (AR)      Australian Waste Management (logo)      McLEOD COUNTY RECYCLES (local, US)

 sustainability duurzaamheid (NL)      Extension (recycling, edu, UM, Mo, US)      recycle (Florida, US)      recycling kentucky

     Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association (Ont, CA)      GRANITE STATE RECYCLING (US)      Cape Cod Recycling Services

     Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD, PH)

 expert recycle (UK)      RECYCLE New Jersey (US)      Tunisie Recyclage

   recycling - Honolulu disposal

 recycle (blue) Hawaii      Maui Recycling Group (Ha, US)
 recycling (map, CH)
 recycle Hawaii Island      CLEANUP NIGERIA PROJECT (NG)
 recycle together (local - Allegheny County, US)  
 sostenible iberoamerica    REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE - Univeristy of Hawai'i
 second nature: recycling (NZ)

 recycle logo of CT (US)

 The Cyclical Economy (JP)

 Eco Waste Management Philippines (PH)


●  wszystko 'stoi' na wodzie; to podstawa

wody na Ziemi jest od początku tyle samo i jest to ta sama woda


    water flow icon

 recycle H2O      recycling water-cycle
 recycle every water drop      recycling water      recycle every water drop
 recycling air-water      water reuse (autospa, US)      recycling water      recycling water breathe
 natural water      clean water (3R)      recycling water

     recycling waste water

 recycling water        recycling water        pure water reuse (US)

 recycling: water & air        recycle water-mark

    recycling water        recycle water planet        water recycling (blue arrows)

   all water still recycle

    water reincarnations (design)      recycle water, every drop (stock, transformed)      rain harvest (IE)

 water recycling        water: still the same      water dropped cycle

 save water save life programme (PK)        REUSE (water 3 drops cycle)      drop by drop circle (stock)    3 drops of water

 water care (four drops recycling)        water care (four drops recycling)
 Wastewater Science (US)

 water processing
 recycle water      water access
   aqua sostenible (ES)        Reduce Storm Water Runoff - GBC cert. (Md, US)        water circulation pictogram

 water world recycle matter      WATER: reusable medium      sustainable water use      water circle

 eco-water reuse (stock)      European Water Project (logo, fb)      Utilize Low Flow Fixtures - GBC cert. (Md, US)      eco-water reuse      Return Refill Repeat (oil-bottles, graph, UK)  

    don't waste water      drop to drop      solid water recycling      water save      water forever

     Environment & Water Ministry (BG)      sip.save.recycle      resource recycling      Republic Services - Waste Disposal (Ca, US)

 water re-flow (UK)      natural bio-recycling
    pure environmental elements

 recykling philosophy        Ying Yang (green)        Yin & Yang - green
 agro-eko (PL)      gavi.org (CH)      GREEN LIFE (CN)      water means fuel      

 bio-cycle      Sustainable Food Trust (logo, UK)      keep world beautiful (US)

 sustainability local      sustainable rivers (US)      recicla projeto (BR)      Eco Energy Group (logo, TH)      recycle pair
 Clean Water for Nicaragua      natural technologies (solutions)      balance green-blue      EPA (EU)  
 bio-cycle      bio sustainability      Budapest Water Summit (UN)      Green City (US)      eco balance
 green - water balance        green - water balance        re clean        bio-cycle
 Earth flag (theme project)        recycling basic cycle        reuso del agua (MX)
 nature symbol (stock)        natural harmony        bio supplements (Advanta, logo, US)        piensa globalmente (sign)
 green - water balance      Livestock Water Recycling (logo, CA)      e-waste recycling (IN)
 water cycling (DP stock icon)      PRODUIT ECOLOGIQUE - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY (FR)      Piensa globalmente (ES)      water - two drops

 water life power      water life power (ekologia, Lidl 2019, PL)      water life power
 environmental entrepreneurship (US)
     recycling water cycle      EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED (EzploreEcology, US)         live water cycle      committed to sustainability (US)


  WATER CYCLE (detal)      green water recycling      Geoscience Research Institute

   water circulation      Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy (logo, PL)
 trzy elementy (cykl natury)      Wamitab (recycling training, UK)      (...) & NATURAL SCIENCES, UCR WATER SENSE (US)
 3 water drops circle      DEPARTAMENT of TRANSPORTATION USA (logo)      water turns green      water (3 drops cycle)
 agro-recycling...      3-drops giro      Projeto Participe y Recicle (BR)
 recycle your energy      Preserve Resources (US)      recycle your city      sust. nachhaltige
 sustainability live      SustainAbilities        WateReuse (US)      eco-life (AU)      sustainability rutgers (uni)
 recycle think (CA)      water reclamation      sustainable development      e-recycler Rwanda (RW)

 filtration water
 EKO-Recycling (Linkedin, PL)          replenish

 WATER CARE (Ace, dotted text)

    water renewing      water (NSF, org)      watercare = health (IE)      every waterdrop recycled      every drop counts twice

 water drop (green)    water reincarnation      DROP by DROP - Ottawa, Ontario (CA)    water is recyclable ('blaue punkt', ZA)    

 renewable & recycle energy [water]
            green-water      water district (US)  

 Conserve Water        CONSERVE WATER


 water drop reincarnation      save and recycle water (KE)      water multicycling (UK)

   water circullating drops      water comes around      Le recyclage des eaux grises (FR)      water purification      water recycle (Iconscout)

 water: two drops      water drops recycles      water and sanitation

 HYDRO-BALANS: pij 8 szklanek dziennie (Nestle, PL)      Świetnie smakuje - Świeża i zbalansowana (Nestle, PL)

HYDRO-BALANS: pij 8 szklanek dziennie, Świetnie smakuje - Świeża i zbalansowana
(korporacyjna propaganda Nestle, PL)

   water cycle: blue comes green & reciprocal
   WaterSense (EPA, US)      WaterSense (EPA, US)

US products bearing WaterSense label are generally 20% more water-efficient than similar products in the marketplace
and must be independently certified before qualifying for the label (Meets EPA Criteria).

 water planet (Thirsty, UK)
   water planet challenge      PHILADELPHIA RECYCLING
   grey-green water recycling

 Reuso del Agua (MX)      Earth biomass energy      water reuse optimization      green water recycling      our water - our world

 water transformations    smart water reuse (NL)    water drop cycle      soil and water (US)    recirculating (water)

DO NOT WASTE WATER. EVERY DROP COUNTS - każda kropla się liczy...
1% ziemskiej wody to ogólnodostępna tzw. woda słodka, dwa razy tyle jest jej jeszcze w stanie stałym (lodowce);
reszta, czyli ~97%, to słona woda morska

       ecobulles (BE)

      SIN FORMALDEHIDO - BIODEGRADABLE (CL)      DRUK FARBAMI WODNYMI (opakowania Lidl 2019, PL)      recycling Erie water treatment (US)

    recycling water          GO H2O!        recycle water
        GLOBAL WATER - RELIABLE, RENEWABLE, REUSABLE      sustainable water recycling systems (FR)

 recycling tires (CA)        Water Care (NH, US)        water recycling        our water is worth more than we think (Ill, US)        Water Reuse Coalition (Ca, US)        water research

 water for life 2005-2015 (unwater.org)  
 water drop move
    Reclaimed Water - The Right Water for Right Use    Innovative Water Solutions (US)    One Water Website (1H2O.org)    no dump - recycle water    Water Blueprint Conference (2012, EU)

 water drops    Water Treatment Equipment (US)    Gospodarka Wodna (PWIK Jarocin, logo, PL)    RenewAl - low CO2 aluminium      water drop (CA)
 water planet      Traitement des eaux (FR)      water global supply      Crystal Water Project      water reuse scarcity (The Economic Power of Water Event Recap)      ozone sanitation (US)
 recycle every waterdrop    3 water-drops (EU)    recycle every waterdrop

     water drop move      recuperation eaux (FR)    water conservation      H2O recycling (water drop)      reuse water      WaterSavers (US)      aqua reciclada (drop)

    water West Coast (US)    water drop move      water drop move      WATER SAVIOR    water recycling

   recycle water    RE: every water drop      recycling water reuse      water utilities (US)      water RE-forming    re-create water    renew (Evansville Clean Water, US)

 World Water Day (freepik)      pure water (US)      water drops feeding (stock)      green needs water      water (bio power)      World Water Day 2011 (US)

    green product eastwest  drop of life        World Water Day 2015 (PH)    clear drop on leaf    save water = save future      water drives life      fresh water

 DES - Decentralised Environmental Solutions      natural bio power      Natural Pool Products (US)      Green Committee (US emb, BR)      CLEAN WATER ACTION

 go green water (UK)      water conservation (ZA)    water use reduction
 blue drop recycling    blue drop recycling      blue drop recycling    blue drop recycling  

 ricerca agricoltura (IT)    HYDRO EXCAVATION (EcoTech, US)      sustainable hydrology / water use (ES)      water recovery      water recycling    Clean Water America Alliance

 water Earth day      water conservation (IN)      water europe (EU)      Green Water Treatment Solutions (arabic)

 EAU (FR)    water conservation (local, US)    green recycling    drop of transformation  Water for Food Security - Global Conference 2015    groundwater recycling alert    water powered life

 recycle water      use of reclaimed water (HK)        water savings      Conserve WATER (FL, US)      woda - recykling    

 REDUCE YOUR WATER USE - no excuse! (FL, US)      water recycling      recycling garden water      

 recycling blue-green      woda najcenniejsze_zasoby (fb, PL)      water cycle petaldrops    let's recycle water    water still recycle
 water tear drop

   green rain

    recycl'eau (FR)

   recycling: water cycle

   european watercare

 drop to drop (recycle water)      recycle: rain barrels      water conservancy (US)    

 water recycle on the fly

 green water drop recycling

 recycling water      refills not landfills      water loose minimize      recycled water solutions      PROTECTION STORMWATER QUALITY G-SQUAD (Ky, US)
 WaterRecycling (Fotolia)
 recycling by water    water energy         water endless recycling    recykling wody

    WATER EFFICIENCY / EFFICACITÉ DE L'EAU (CA)      focus on water      Long Beach Recycling (US)        Pure Water Supply (Tx, US)      reuso del agua (MX)

    water reminder button      save every water      recycling (graphic water drop)      aqua reciclada

     water cycle      green recycling blue waterdrop      recycling (konserwaci woda)      recycle water
  RECYCLE (water) OR DIE!

   re-purify water      recycle water sphere      recycling water (CA)
   water renew      Wastewater Treatment Beckart      recycling grey water      refill_ droplet

   recycle for future        International Energy Research Centre (IERC, IE)        Pure Planet Recycling (UK)
 water recycling        wateronline.com (Pa, US)

 water safe      WODA (Eneris, PL)        water conservation

      human animal & marine life: NON TOXIC and SAFE      CLEAN WATER NETWORK      CLEAN WATER - DELAWARE'S CLEAR CHOICE (US)  

   drop save lot (ID)        green water solutions (PL)        water means life: EVERY DROP COUNTS

 Recycling of rainwater & wastewater      AGUA de REUSO (BR)      PureWater4U (AU)        reuse water (Hitachi)

 natural water  Water and Landscape Conservation      WATER. USE IT WISELY      Turn off water when brushing teeth

powyżej: zrobiła się tu (taka trochę ckliwa) historyjka obrazkowa... Woda nie próżnuje - każda jej kropla napędza życie.
Więc używaj jej mądrze. Na przykład - zakręcaj kran przy myciu zębów

 WATER TREATMENT (DT PureLine)      green [grey] water solutions (PL)      water double care (ico)



 recycling wash-water (US)

 water nature care
 SAVING WATER FOR a Sustainable Community (AZ, US)        WATER CARE NATURALLY (NZ)

         energy ocean        water human care        Save The Water (logo)       [respect water] Take The Pledge (UK)        CLEAN WATER 2015 (Cleveland, US)

   water security        water_save_care.jpg      recycling natural solutions      water conserve notice (US)        CONSERVE WATER

   water care (conservation)      Ecosystem Action CIAT (PULSES Sustainable Food Aecurity)       Re-CONSERVE WATER      water conservation idea    help water flow (CN?)

      water restrictions (TX, US)      SAVE WATER TURN OFF THE TAP (Meridol toothpaste)      watercare (project)        water problems (MT)        water conservation (CO, US)

   Piscina Sostenible (Sello)      plastic recycling (Natural Society)      eco care (Nema, Kenya, KE)

 land to lake (Oh, US)      Environmental Services (OK, US)      water wise base      bio environmental      soil and water (US)      

 water drives green      ECO RE water (stock seal)      water green power      world green engine      100% ORGANIC [2x] (green drop, stock)

 water powered green life      water re-turn green    green leaves drives water      Servicios Ambientales Del Norte (CO)

 water turns green      water turns green      water turns green

 water turns green      water turns green      water RE-turns green      water turns green

 water turns green      water turns green      water turns green
 four drops cycling      drops turns leaves
 verde (water-chain, CO)

 THINK CLEAN . LIVE GREEN . DRINK PURE      water efficiency (greenhouse, Tx, US)      Garden ResQ - grey water systems (ZA)  


 Green Water Solutions      Water restrictrions - Reduce your use      Together, we're making sure every drop counts (Monsanto Europe)

   water preserving      SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE - EVERY DROP COUNTS (CN)      MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT - SAVE WATER AND MONEY (NJ, US)      SAVE WATER - SAVE LIFE (US)      Water Festival - Conserve: WATER U waiting 4? (Athen, US)
 wetlands development (NL)      STAILESS STEEL - ADVANTAGE - PREMIUM QUALITY (AU)      wetlands development (Tx, US)

   PV sea [salt] theromoform sheet 100% recyclable (UK)

 consciencia ambiental (drop)      Recycle Water (EPA, US)

   water conservation (Ca, US)

 great drought is coming (2015, CA, US)

 Water Save (allegory)        ahorro agua hogar (?)        SAVE WATER: Please turn Off the tap after use        reduce water use      WATER: don't waste

    USE LESS WATER      good plumbing save water

 green water (CZ)      reuse home water      protect natural resources (VC)    water re-cycle (icon)      FRESH POTABLE WATER

 water value      sostenibilitat    Fight Leaks and Water Waste (WaterSense, EPA, US)

 water not waste        recycle water (CA)    Oceania water care / save

 Every Drop counts        Every [water] Drop counts    CLEAN WATER and SANITATION (GlobalGoals #6)      water save      grey water recycling [non-drinkable] (CH)        Every [water] Drop counts

      water world crisis (US)      Conserve Rain Water      water municipal reuse

 recycling water      water to recycle  recycling water  

 water from rain    reduce wastewater      Do not waste water      WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT (IN)    save water, save life

 AGUA RECICLADA NO BEBER      recycled_water don't drink        recycled water tag (AVISO AGUA IMPURA - NO TOMAR      sail gray water reduction (US)      Irrigated with RECYCLED WATER - Do Nt Drink No Beber    

 conserve water sign / water-less      water: stop using chlorine    Recycled Water: DO NOT DRINK    ekologie prirodu (CZ)    don't waste water (JP)

     LET'S SAVE 10 l Water (HK)      H2O reneval    water reuse (EU)      We Wash Our Water With Carbon (US)

 potable-grey-waste water      GRAY WATER: wastewater reuse (US)      water clouds      water SMART - zero waste (CA)


 TEXTILRENIGUNG PROPRENTNER (fb, AT)      Power of Water: drinkability - livability matters (AWWA, US)      valuable water - TURN OFF THE TAP      H2O footprint (FI)      CLEAN WATER ONLY - DRAINS TO GROUNDWATER

National Drinking Water Week [US, 2016] For more than 30 years, communities across the United States have joined
the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in recognizing the essential role that water plays in our daily lives
by celebrating National Drinking Water Week. Throughout the week, AWWA and its partners provide information
and host activities to highlight how important water is for us all

  recycled water    Recycled Water Alliance      woda w obiegu    recycled water (SF, US)

 water footprint (IE)      KEEP CALM AND SAVE WATER      Conserve! The only water left will be your tears (CA, US)      

 water industrial recycling
 drinking water (edu)      water filter (Santevia)      water saving      every waterdrop costs  
 water filtering (AU)
 every drop count      recycling drink water
   water filters (brita)      recycling lab water      recycle water filter (SE)

 waterpool filtering
    water C-filters recycling      water circulate      water based advanced technology      water filter

 WaterCell filtering      water reuse (3D)      water filtratrion

   WATER SAVING WEEK (2015, UK)      SWISS WATER      River City Recycling (US)      SAVE WATER (stock reminder)
      CERTIFIED FOR SUSTAINABILITY (US)      WATER WISE (org, CA)      water treatment (AU)      Waterwise Marque (UK)      NO (to) PLASTIC (in) OCEANS! (US)
 clearwater (St. Petersburg, US)      SAVE WATER      water desalination (Aquatech, US)      environmental quality (E+, US)
 recycle water      water sustainablesources.com      recykling water 3 arrows
 EarthEcho Water Challenge (world monitoring day 22 III, UN)      water replenishing (IO)
 water recycle (AU)      zielona energetyka      ultra-pure water (Amandean natural products, Nv, US)

 WATER: Use It Wisely (AZ, US)
 well: water voor water (NL)    RESNET 2015 WATERSENSE INSPECTOR
 recycle H2O    reservoir optimization (NL)    NYC (recycle) H2O

          QUALIFIED WATER        CLEAN WATER - You Make the Difference        reuse used water          clean water network (org)        water technology

  Save The Water! (stamp)      European Water Project (logo, www)      SAVE WATER. NOTHING CAN REPLACE IT    Reutilizar las aguas grises - YO TAMBIÉN AHORRO AGUA      Save Water Stay Green (US)

    dual flush toilet button      dual flush toilet button      half vs full flush toilet button saving potable water    dual flush toilet button      dual flush toilet button

 sostenible water (ES)


 water planet earth
 water cycle          RE-H2O re-glass
 recycle micro-water        recycling water      water transformations      

   eau recycle      Water Aid 2014: Every drop, every day        wodny wir

 water wise (NL)      water natural circulation      drop of lifeprints (handprints)      

 Water Reclamation and Sustainability (book cover)      World Walks for Water 2013      woda: recykling naturalny        lifeline water reuse (US)        recycling with water      

 World Water Day 2012 - Int. 
      Year of Water Cooperation (UN WATER)      World Water Day 2013 - Int. 
      Year of Water Cooperation (UN WATER)
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 Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag, Błękitna Flaga)        PAVILLON BLEU D`EUROPE        Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag, Błękitna Flaga - rewers)    

Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag - Błękitna Flaga) - ponoć najstarsza eko-etykieta (eco-label) na świecie (stworzona we Francji w 1985 r. przez Jean-Baptiste de Vilmorin). Jest wyróżnieniem dla nadmorskich (nadwodnych) gmin i marin, które podejmują skuteczne działania w zakresie ochrony środowiska i zrównoważonego rozwoju (głównie chodzi o oczyszczanie ścieków i jakość wody) . Znak uzyskał silną markę i ma także swój wariant międzynarodowy (Pavillon Bleu d`Europe).

Znak jest dwustronny - równoprawnie występuje jego lustrzane odbicie (flaga przedrukowana "na wylot",
czyli z przebiciem na drugą stronę, jest jednoznaczna i rozpoznawalna z obu stron)

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Paradoks wartości czystej wody
- Jan Cipiur w Obserwatorze Finansowym w połowie lutego 2015 r.
ogłosił tekst, który właśnie miałem napisać, ale wciąż obrabiam obrazki...
Tekst przeraźliwie, po prostu, brutalny - przeczytanie grozi depresją.

















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