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bio-recykling cycle

eko-znaki  : :  życie to czysty recykling
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 3 RE eco-cloud

 mini RE cycle  2017


●  liście i pędy roślin

absolutny archetyp recyklingu - liść


   biologisch abbaubar biodegradable (DE)

   spring recycling (square button)

  please recycle (magnes design)

 recykling - wariant znaku z liściem

   sustainability solutions - recykling - wariant z liściem        bio-recycliong (blue shade icon)

 UCLA sustainability - recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recycling natural support - wariant znaku z liściem      windy natural recycling
 recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      SUROWCE (Eneris, PL)      paperless billing      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem
   recycle waste value      green recycling - 100% - wariant znaku z liściem      steel pallet recycle (AU)
 recykling - wariant znaku z liściem        simple bio recycling (NL)        ricicla protegge ambiente (IT)        bio recyclage process
 recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      doradztwo ekologiczne (LADYBIRD, PL)      sustainable packagings trends      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem    

  recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recykling (listki w prawo)      recycling (2 arrows, 2 leaves)

 turismo sustentable (AR)      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recycling summary (Wa, US)      recycling leaf transform

 reciclagem eco (BR)      eco green easy (CA)      green RE-ecology (US)      leaf to recycling      birch bark recycling  

 recykling - wariant znaku z liśćmi      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recykling - wariant znaku z liśćmi      riciclabile (eco-triangle, IT)      recycle green power - recykling - wariant znaku z liśćmi  

   growuphydrogarden.edu      lifecycle care (stock)      bioplastics greenbiz      ecosmithrecyclers.com (US)

 recyclable repulpable (US)      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recyclable green way

 green energy recycles

   green recycling turns gold      compost recycling (logo, Charlottesville, US)

 recykling / cud 2 listki        recykling / listki        re mehr-gruen (DE)

 recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      Recyclable - wariant znaku z liściem      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem

 soya biodegradable polymers (Biopol)      leaf - recycle symbol      leaf - recycle symbol      green leaf re-stripped

 sustainability via recycling

 green leaf (cycle triangle)
 green recycle (SG)      recykling - biomasa      recykling - biomasa      compost (Humboldt SU, edu, US)
   sustainability (US)        'Leave Your Leaves' (NY, US)
   recycle or compost      recykling - wariant znaku z liściem      recycle or compost
   sostenibilidad (ES)      green recyclage circle      circular green      green leaf (fotolia icon)

   recycling green sun

   green beauty cycle (vectorstock)

 Master Recyclers (Marion County, US)
 3 leaves circled      3 leaves circled  

 3 green leaves (button)        ecological learning (LEAF Programme, FEE)        3 leaves pin recycle

 reciclado (BR)      recykling 3 listki      recykling: 3 listki      recykling - 3 listki

 recykling 3 listki        recycle 3 leaves        recycle (3 leaves circle)        recykling 3 listki        mass recycling (CA)  

   recykling 3 listki      bio-recycling (3 leaves scheme, US)    recykling 3 listki    recykling 3 listki    se verde (MX)

 recykling - 3 listki      zero waste (CA)      destination-green.com

 recycling: symbolic leaves      recycling: symbolic 3 leaves (US)
 greener future - nature      Ulster Wildlife (three leaves)      biodiesel initiative (RE- 3 leaves)

 limit waste (limitwaste.com logo, Less & Zero Waste info)      nature style recycling      recycling, 3 leaves 
      (fun facts about recycling - thedreamkids.com)

 recicle (3 leaves on green wheel)      3-leaves recycle ymbol      recykling 3 listki

  recycling (3 leaves, DT stock)        recycle club (Or, US)      recycling (3 leaves, Shuttrerstock)

 RECYCLING: 3 green-velvet leaves      recycling (3 leaves)      reciklaza (jug, RS)

 3 green leaves (edu, US)

 3 leaves token

  3 leaves (contour graphic)      recovery (US)      3 green-gold leaves

 recykling 3 listki
 RE-cube (3 leaves)
 recykling 3 listki      recycling (3 lily leaves)
 3 leaves RE-cycle      3 leaves RE-cycle      recykling 3 listki

  recykling 3 listki      3 green leaves cycle      recykling 3 listki      recycling: 3 leaves

 recycling: three leaves      3 leaves/arrows      recykling sześć listków

 sustainable environment (Hawaii)      recykling 3 listki      green self recycling      recycling (3 leaves theme)

   recycling green style        recykling (3 listki)        Eco-Rep (edu, US)

       3 leaves re-triangle (stock ico)      3 leaves RE-arranged      3 leaves RE-flying      electric development (EtaPhi logo, US)

  3 leaves (seal)      green 3 leaves focus      3 leaves RE-symbol
   Master recycler / composter (Mn, US)      garden recykling (3 leaves, MNN symbol)        green cycle (3 leaves)      Zielony Salon / Fundacja alter eko (PL)

 recycling (wild tropic green)      RE - 3 green leaves (stock)      leaves [circular] concept (stock)      3 re-leaves (stock)      green: waste recycling solutions

     GREEN YOUR ROUTINE (3 leaves circle, US)      harmony leaf compost      biodegradable 3 leaves      ekologiczne szamba (PL)

 green planet      environmental recycling      sustainability (uni, US)

 Eden Textiles (London, UK)      Greenergy (cert, EU)
 recykling: 3 listki      yard waste (local, US)         biotransformation 3 leaves        recykling: 3 listki      biotransformation 3 leaves

     biotechnology (Far East)

 recykling 3 listki      MASTER RECYCLING (Jackson County, US)      3 leaves cut in green wheel

       recycle - Your Way to Give Back to the ENVIRONMENT (poster)        

 recycling plant      Eco FRIENDLY (folhas verdes, PT)      GREEN YPUR ROUTINE (Fort Lauderdale, US)      eko-motywa.pl

 talkin'trash (enviro blog logo, CA)      SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS (tex world, icon)      choose to reuse
 BIOMASSZA (energy recycling, HU)      Waste Reduction & Recycling (Porter County, US)

   leaves transormation      recycling: 3 leaves (bw)      biotransformacja

    recycled brown paper      [papier toaletowy NEO] ekologiczny 100% makulatury 
      (logo, Biedronka, PL)      compost / recycling (clipart)      koperta pro-natura (leaves)

   bądź eko - zamów fakturę na e-mail (motyw, T-Mobile, PL)      TREEHUGGER (wear emblem)      green process e-waste

   aluminium industry_recycles 67% (2012, US)
    organic recycling      green always recycles      greenbuild - reclaimend materials (US)      recycling responsible

       RECYCLING (3 leaves, edu, US)      BIO recycling (3 leaves sketch)      recykling 3 listki      re-ecologia (ES)

    greenbuild heritage tiles        recycling fern pattern        fern recycling

 bio scraps recycling (stock)        leaves recycling (stock)
 natural growth (Pngtree, PL)
 smart art recycle (FR)      tree ecology symbol (stock)

   recycling: 3 burgeons

 recycling metals (Al-Qaryan, SA)        RE: 3 unequal leaves (IE)

 trzy elementy (cykl natury)      Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (logo, CA)      recycling - 3 color leaves

 smart recycling (SE)      leaves circulation      Waste Science Soil Recycling Facilities (EESI Group / EPA, US)

    green recycle (Far East, logo      3 green leaves cycling      [bio] waste management (stock)      recycling (3 leaves mill)

 green recycling study (DreamsTime)        green recycling study (DreamsTime)      green recycling study (DreamsTime)

 green recycling study (DreamsTime)      green recycling study (DreamsTime)      green recycling study (DreamsTime)

 3 leaves 3 arrows cycling
     REcycling (3 leaves, graph)      greensource cycle (US)

       developpement durable (NF)    3 leaves (RE-invert circle)    recyclable polymers (3 leaves 'mill')

 abrhbrasil.org.br        recycle symbol (3 leaves)        nature care & reuse (nano text cloud)

     3 leaves recycle dance
   recykling - trzy dębowe liście      GREENBUILD Boston Concefence & Expo 2012 (US)
 recykling dwa listki dębu      RECYCLING TEAM (Cal, US)      3 leaves (DT, DER)
   eco school (IE)      environmentalist (Nature Conservancy, UN)
     g-RE-en bklyn (Brooklyn)      TreePeople.org (US)      recykling: 3 dębowe listki

   green materials (US)          TreePeople.org (US)

      ENVIRO-FRIENDLY (green oak motive, US)

 3 brown leaves loop
   Compost Baladi (LB)      3 leaves turns triangle      cycle forever green      3 leaves rotate

 bio odpady (PL)      3 leaves rotate tight      bio recycling (ES)

 Earth eco cycle

 Se verde (it's green, MX)    Biodiesel (logo, ND, US)        manufactured in a GMP facility    

 recykling w rozecie      3 leaves (decor seal)
  Binh Minh (2x2 green drops logo, VN)      Eco-Rich (Retina, US)      4 green leaves circle

 renewable green oil      recycling (4 leaves motif, stock)      4 leaves cycling      lifecycle sciences (UA)

 green loop      Farm Science Technology (stock)

 4 green waves (Far East logo)      recycling: 4 leaves - zero_waste      4 leaves cycling (stock)

 Sustainable Food Systems Ireland (SFSI)      Rabsoil Recycling      5 green leaves circle (logo, TR)      recycle: 5 leaves star

 5 leaves (RE-concept)      bio-sense      recycle: 6 leaves star

 cycled leaves triple circles      5 leaves (RE-concept)      5 leaves (RE-concept)      green endless cycling

 6 leaves recycling wheel        composting comes easy        BIO wreath (8 leaves)        5 leaves (RE-concept)        6 leaves recycling wheel

 ecology organic interest        5 leaves cycling        recusar-reduzir-reutilizar-reformar-reciclar        organic circle (5 leaves, stock)        Compost Pick-up (Tn, US)

 RE-flower: 7 leaves

...recycling is caring for life...

 sustainability (US)  

 compost alegory      green waste focus (US)      tech4recycle (SME, UK)      ekologia (MPO, PL)
 green recyclage circle        water powered nature        Circle recycle with growth leaf logo concept (Freeepik)        portalpaisagismo.com (BR)        2 growing leaves 3 arrows cycling
 turning green again      two leaves (full cycle)      simply nature green      organico (seal, AR)
 Garden's Grow Groups (US)      plant with care (BR)      Agro-Max SumaGrow      compost mulch (UK)      green focus    

 [recycle] Get Green. Go White      BEZ KONSERWANTÓW - PRODUKT NATURALNY (PL)      PRODUCTO SUSTENTABLE (Peru GBV - SELLO VERDE, PE)      100% LEBOMLO SZERVES ANYAG 100% BIODEGRADABLE (HU)      100% NATURAL [e-cogarette taste filters] 
      (2 green leaves, seal, SE)

   SANS SUCRE (leaves motif)      recicla AMBIENTAL (BR)    (alu recycling) INTERNATIONAL TRADERS      100% bio-ecology - eco world - green biotechnology

 Eco Packaging Alliance (Noissue, intl)    Eco Packaging Alliance (logo, Noissue, intl)

 KEEP IT GREEN (8 arrows around plant)
 NON TOXIC (green leaf)      NON TOXIC (green 2 leaves)
   reduce reuse recycle      recycle as plants      Intertek CERTIFIED
       ECO RE green life (stock seal)      ECO RE leaf (stock seal)      recycle resources      Sello Verde - compromiso sustentable (MX)

 composter master      recycle green waste      Waste Managememt (Rock Island, US)    autumn leaves recycling      Azerbejdzan

 green-fire recycling

 recykling z listkiem      recycling upcycling      leaf from leafs (DK)

 green splash recycling

 green students (Oh, US)
 re-cycle segregator (Leitz)        eco plastic (Ford)
 Union of French Forestry Cooperation (UCFF, FR)      Sello Verde - Project L.O.O.P. 2014/15      leaf (green sustainability)
 eco friendly (NZ)      go green smart           leaf - resource recovery      greenandthecities.nl

   eco Packaging (fb)          Greenmunch ('sustainable entertaining with style', logo, CA)

 yin-yang (green leaves, dot/point)
 ECO FRIENDLY (prestige button)      ECO FRIENDLY (seal)
 Keeping It Clean (green leaf)      CLEANIC (płatki, skan): DBAMY O NATURĘ / CARING FOR NATURE        GOING GREEN - BEYOND CARBON CREDITS
 listok żizni - ekomarkirowka (RU)        ECO FRIENDLY [movement], (stock)
 sustainability (oce.com)      AFP [Advanced Food Products] - 100% RECYCLABLE (US)      sustainability (OCE, logo, ES)  

     recycling green leaf (IN)        sustainability balance (DSF)        Earthworm Farms Global (ZA)

 bamboo handle (Colgate, PL)        green leaf marked        environmental friendly  

 Genesis Green      recycle leaf (LT)      zero waste oceanside (US)      green sustainability

       eko znak (RS)    RE: green windy leaf        Duurzaam (leaf on green) (NL)        zielona firma      GREEN LABEL (NL)

 permaculture (temple gardens logo, gaiacraft)      bio scraps seperate recycling (AU)

 recycling (dark green leaf)
 green packaging      sustentavel (BR)
 bio recycling ico      recycling leaves loop      sustainability UCLA green office
 EKOferma (Jekaterynburg, RU)      bio recycling (outline)      leaves recycling outline      SIN COLORANTES ARTIFICIALES
   leaf in recycle triangle
 EcoPreform (PET recycling)      bioplastics recycles
 green reincarnation      GREEN OFFICE CERTIFIED      recycling like leaf

 developpement durable listki (FR)      recycling water (AR)      green re-volution      recyclage maisons (FR)      recycle ganja

       reciclar      leaf - biodegrability symbol  ekologicznie elektronicznie (korespondencja, bank PKO BP, PL)  eko-rozwój i urbanistyka      natural perfect recycling

     World Paper-Free Day      recycling goes green    recycle sign with branch    recycling on greeny way    recycling always green

   [bio recycling] umwelt zeichen        Desarrollo Sostenible (award statuette, ES)        Desarrollo Sostenible (contest logo, ES)

     bio-based      Gerecyclede papieren tassen (NL)      food production logotype (HR)

     green-cell foam (US)

   master composter (UK)    eco green development      recycling leafs arrows circle      recycle works (ParkForest, US)
     El reciclaje ES VIDA      little leaves recycle triangle

       recycling twigs triangle        green life recycles        living green recycling

       bio circle (S-Stock)        plants recycling      green cycle around          recycling twigs circle

   recycling (little twigs greens)    recycling twigs heart      recyklingowy wianek

YIN i YANG - dwie pierwotne i przeciwne, lecz uzupełniające się siły natury.

 yin-yang (green leaves, dot/point)

 green yin / yang
 sustainability      environmental solutions

 green YIN YANG      organic schools (AU)      renewable yin-yang.jpg

 bio energy inspiration      ying-yang world      2 leaves (ying-yang power)      recycle forever

 green cycle (stock)      two leaves (ying-yang)      Peintures et Revetements ecologiques d'origine naturelle (FR)      two leaves (ying-yang)      green leaves cycle (IR)

 residuozero.org.br      green cycle      European Technology & Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP, EU)      leaf to leaf

   2 leaves (Ying-Yang)      Aloha Harmony Tea (logo, HI, US)      two leaves (ying-yang)
 green natural mystery      bio cycle      recycle pair      URBN - carbon neutral hotel (Singapore, 2016, CN)
 2 green leaves (Ying-Yang)      ying-yang green (fe)      Ruch Ekologiczny Św. Franciszka z Asyżu (PL)
 forever green (stock)      produkt naturalny (stock, PL)      endless green (stock)      Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente (Colombia)
 leaf metamorphosis      ying-yang (leaves sign framed)      Amazon Paint (CalRecycle, logo)

 Project Hope

     sostenible (Semana, CO)      Sustainable Food Trust (logo, UK)      sostenible (Semana, CO)

 Recycling Coach (logo, CA)      recycle bio process

 ZERO WASTE (biocycle)


 recycling grows green
 RE: think twice  recycling - flying leaf    sustainable food chains    
 recykling 3 listki      recycling (CA)     recyclable - 100% natural      recykling z listkiem - wariant
 Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade: 
      Gestao de Residuos (JAMAD 2012, PT)
 ekolabel Indonezja        recykling listek sticker
 green clover (3 arrows cycle)      recykling (zielona koniczynka, PL)      green fourfold shamrock

 recycling (naive green)      recycle facts (edu)      home planting cycle      Indien (NU)

       Go Green      recycling green bucket      recycle flower        recycling e-stuff      recykling koniczynka

 SAVE ENVIRONMENT (little plant)        Eco green quatrefoil        ENVIRO project      bez GMO (SM Gostyń, PL)      EKO TRENDY      

 Ecologie industrielle et territoriale (EIT logo, FR)    Natural recycling (Pinterest)      zagospodarowanie odpadów (ini. lok., PL)  reduce reuse recycle   ecologico logo (ES)

 eco enable    mój świat jest eko      Patrimonio Sostenible (Zamora, ES)      wspólnie dbamy o środowisko (hydrosystem-lublin)    reciclo (BR)

 recycling green power      sustainable food systems      recycling Lenovo      eco global perspective (CA)      

 PAPERLESS (Clean and Green Singapore Vision, SG)
 Caracas ambiental recicla (detal)      bio-pack technologies

 natural resources recycle      RE: bio-waste      green factory (SE)
 ecolabel 'green coin' line      ecolabel - eco friendly seal      ecolabel 'green coin' line      ecolabel 'green coin' line
     recycling 2 leaves      Green Pik Turkiye (TR)      greener recycling (US)

 Eco-Friendly Data Center
   green range - forest water air (Mondi TFC Paper, AT)        http://actionplan.gc.ca
 recycling bio (FI)      plants reincarnation (stock)      permaculture sustainability    
   renewable resources (UK)        eco cycle composition        green hotels (Durham, US)        re-green agriculture (CN)

   sustainable solutions      growing recycling      green transforms (wheel)

    ECO FRIENDLY (soaps)      REDUCE RE-USE RECYCLE (bio)      eco friendly loop (NON TOXIC icon)


          world environment day (2013)        bio-recyclage (T-shirt print)      4R green recycling

       ricicla by water
         compost growing (ZA)    ecoenergic (EU)      recicla BIO (CL)

            recycling - leaf - drop (flat composition)  recykling z listkami      recykling, listek, kropla

       ECO plantation (HK)      eco energy

    recycle real trees        sustainability campus (US)      recycling grows        eco-product award (HK)        bio management

 reclaim recycle      Australian Organic      sustainability circular        green recycling initiative      precykling bio toner

 sustainability (sciences) center
 Organic Principle (ZA): Care      COOC - CALIFORNIA OLIVE OIL COUNCIL - 
      CERTIFIED EXTRA VIRGIN (US)      Sello Verde (DE VERDAD) - Co2 Cero (CO)        Co2 Cero (CO)
 agro care
 recycle green care      green needs care      recycling (Si Dalang,Jakarta, ID)

 Nurturing Care Companions (logo, Fl, US)        KOREA ECO LABEL        water worth green      environment (Atenea, FR)      enviro - clean & safe (US)

 BIO (green care)      NATURAL PRODUCT (green care)      NATURAL PRODUCT (green care seal)      social responsibility (ico)

    health & environment

   supplements (Sid Organics, logo, US)        eco theme (stock)      Elite Choice Nutrition (logo)
 holistic cycling        holistic cycling
 eco (bio) force (AU)
           All for Planet        natura recycle

      green labelling    plant recycling base (compost production, AU)  Sustainability in Action (Arrow Star Certified Recycled, US)    reciclaje    we recycle

 living bin      sustentável (BR)    bio-recycling  green turbo fuel    

 reciclagem (BR)      re-cycle green  recycle (wet green)  green recycling accord  ecological extract (CA)  

     recycling cutted leaf      HSU sustainability (edu, Ca, US)      coffee capsules recycling (US)    Green Team (MIT, US)

     green team (US)      eco power      recycling green way      zero waste (US)      green - lets_recycle (IT)        

 sustentável viver (BR)      Yin-Yang bio balancing

 ecoLife (logo, PL)    

 environment - target    Ceramic coating, totally PFOA- and PTFE-free    reuse and recycle (green sustainability circle - detal)    reuse and recycle (green)

 free green browser (JP)        sustainability paper (US)          environment sustainable (UK)        sustainability (Montane, UK)

 recicle suas ideias
       green transformation        green renewing power (Wales, UK)
 organic skin care      recicle (green-copy)      trees recycles symbol

 zrównoważone praktyki (Garnier Botanic, PL)

 closed-loop recycling system (Dell)        GREEN LEAF ECO STANDARD (GLES, ZA)
 London (green) recycling (UK)        SOLID WASTE SERVICES (County of Wellington, US)        GREEN LEAF CERTIFIED (GLES, ZA)

 PHILLIPS Green Logo - asimpleswitch.com      recykling eco friendly (MX)      bez transgenov (RU)      green products Indonesia        green grows (SH)

 100% biobased content        environmental product (EPD, IE)      HAPPY EARTH DAY (can-stock seal)        world-food (variant)

 bio re-loop      bio-tech cycling      PLASTICS REFOCUS (.org, Fl, US)

 recyclage safe (FR)      inner green recycling      recycling variation (green base)      recycling (green leaf)
 environmental friendly (seal)        eco-printer        100% Natural (stock seal)
 leaf RE symbol    green renewable power      (bio) Green CHINA      leaf RE symbol
 wfosigw.waw        sustainability NSSGA        biodegradable technologies

    bio scraps recycle right (AU)        EARTH FRIENDLY [pack], (stock)        biobased materials (EU)        bio-based (leaf theme)

 leaf in recycling symbol (getty)

 eco clean power      Sustentabilidade Compromisso com o Futuro

   recykling piererabotka (RU)      green campus Haifa (IL)      balanced nature

 green energy engine      vitalideas.info (EQ)      Jiangsu Pharma (CN)      green returns      Arctic Bioeconomy - West-Nordic countries    

 GreenMark Taiwan (RoC)      GreenEarth Cleaning      BIO (green) cycle      ECO (green deco)

     Mark Of Environmental Responsibility        REVIVRE Green Initiative        Reduce Reuse Recycle Replenish Restore        Umweltfreundlich (3 leaves motif, DE)

         Organic Council of Ontario (logo, CA)      green wheels cycling      GREEN STAR AWARD (PADI, diverdaily.com, US)

 reuse reduce recycle      recycle by green
     Recycle Papier 100% - Recyclable - Biodegradable (seal)      resilience      green credit (LEED, US)
       sign plant recycles      waste management innovations (IN)
   ECO FRIENDLY PALO SANTO (Ecuadorian hand made recycling, EC)

   greenhouse grow clean (Tx, US)

eco - BIOcycle


 basic cycle

 natural rejuvenation water (UK)      organic (stock logo)      plactic 'plasmix' recycling (ICMA extrusion lines, IT)      two green leaves (plate)

 bio recycling (pastel)      bio (natural re-cycling)      eco (blue-green design)      waste recycling (ISB, UK)      green reservations (NC, US)
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 Waste action plan. Sustain (CA)

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   EPA Ghana

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      and the Environment                  

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 RE: leaves 3-cycle colors
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      - CARI / ACIR (est. 1941)        [eko-starania:] CZYSTE ZARABIE WIZYTÓWKĄ MYŚLENIC (local, PL)
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    recycling vs landfills - STATS


     leaf re-incarnation      two leaves flying    100% Infinitely Recyclable (green)      leaf re-incarnation
 N8 AgriFood - Sustainable Food Production (UK)

   GO GREEN - do recycling

   Go Green (outlined button)      recycling in grasshole      bio (chocolate, ES)

     [agro] PROJECT HOPE (plant - nurture - grow)      Sustentabilidade Compromisso com o Futuro      eco clean power      grass recycle (3 arrows)
 High Plains Bioenergy of Seaboard Foods (US)

 green tech building        bioenergia (Winsertec, logo, CL)        Green Energy Biofuels (logo, Africa)

 GREENDAY TRADING & RECYCLING (US)      ecology cycle  
 rural recycling      COLORADO ASSOCIATION FOR RECYCLING (US)      rural recycling (US)
   WBA - World Bioenergy Association      RECYCLING at the PARK - PARTNERSHIP (SC, US)
 paperless (logo, ZA)

 recycling turns green (ico)
 Supergen Bioenergy (UK)      natural energy cycling      EcoShopping riciclabile (IT)  
   green leaf sun circle      AUSTIN WOOD RECYCLING (Tx, US - bad work)      sustainable green environment (stock graph)    green tech cycles

 reciclo pro (BR)    biomass briquette plant      ZERO EMISSION (Sims Recycling Solutions, US)

 hybrid public transport (London, UK)      recycling preservar    

 heart of Nature


●  kompost

throw to grow


     EUReKA! ReCYCLING (edu, US)      BSSC Sustainability (UCSB, edu, US)

 green recycling (RO)      Organic Life Cycle      WE COMPOST (local, US)      urban farming & compost (tenthacrefarms.com, NYC)

 Be part of the Compost Revolution (IN)

 MAKE COMPOST NOT WAR (hippie style, poster)

Od 'Summer of Love' mija właśnie pół wieku, a hippisi wciąż zbawiają świat...
DEVELOPMENT - The unfolding of life, manifesting as development and learning at the individual level and as evolution
at the species level, involves an interplay of creativity and mutual adaptation in which organisms & environment coevolve.

DYNAMIC BALANCE - All ecological cycles act as feedback loops, so that the ecological community
regulates and organizes itself, maintaining a state of dynamic balance characterized by continual fluctuations.

 organic composting festival (gaiacraft)

Powraca kompostowanie... Teraz już wypada mieć na działce czy w ogrodzie kompostownik
(w Vancouver w Kanadzie już od lat miasto promuje kompostowniki w garażach, na balkonach,
a nawet w przedpokojach). Oto jak to działa w moim kręgu... Niżej - sygnały ze świata.

     recycling matter green

       COMPOST (headline)

       biodegradable (VectorOpenStock)    natures choice COMPOST (Te, US)      compost process (EnviroGrind, IE)

         recycle compost        green micro recycling    coffee/tea grounds compost (edu, US)    CSR recycling (JP)      Make A Difference (compost, US)

 DYSTANS  organic gardens (.edu, US)      RECYCLE REUSE REGROW - reground.com (AU)      dechets reduits (FR)

compostable wrapper, organic gardening (BLACK GOLD), compostabile CIC (IT), (...), Sé verde (MX)
CSR recycling, CIC - Italian Composting Association;
znak zaświadcza, że konkretny włoski produkt spełnia europejską normę kompostowania EN 13432

     recycling compost (icon)

     leaf in recycling symbol (getty)


   Compost (Schwabacher T-shirt print)

     decrease waste (MY)       compost (RVA, US)       organic fertilizer (MY)

     OK compost      city green waste recycling (US)      COMPOST (plate info)      We Compost    OK biobased

OK compost i OK biobased - biopolimery (gwiazdki to zawartość węgla 'BCC': 1:20-40, 2:40-60, 3:60-80 i 4:>80%)
Green Waste Recycling (Santa Maria, US), We Compost - a partner with the environment - partnerstwo środowiskowe

   McLuhan Eco Club (CA)      Planet Friendly People (Or, US)      compost biodegradables (edu, US)

     compost solution key (US)        compost (info-plate)        Compost        compost (edu, US)        compost (info plate)

 bio-agro recycling  Learn to Compost (Ca, US)      Compostage domestique (CA)    compostable wrapper
 CONSORZIO ITALIANO COMPOSTATORI (IT)        [compost] Close the Loop (Vt, US)        WASTE FREE - save room for tomorrow (Oramge County, US)
 compostabile CIC (IT)      compostabile CIC (IT)

..."Composting is naturę's way of recycling organie materials. All living things are organie and will naturally decompose.
In natural systems dead plants and animals fali to the ground and are decomposed by bacteria, fungi and other organisms.
When people manage this process to turn organic materials into soli amendments, it is called composting.

Compost is the dark, loose, earthy-smelling material found on the forest floor, under the grass in a meadow,
and under a pile of old leaves in your garden. Compost includes both stabilized organic materiał
and the living organisms which continually recyde nutrients from dead plants and animals.
The finished compost and the organisms that make it are each vital to the health of plants, soil and entire ecosystems"...
The Composting Council's National Backyard Composting Program Training Manual (Va, US)

   food Waste Watchers (Pa, US)

   ORGANICS RECYCLING (AU)      CLARK [University] COMPOSTS (edu, US)      food to recycle (stock)

     PRODUKT KOMPOSTOWALNY (biorecykling.org / projekt'2017, PL)      3 arrows / apple      Southeast Recycling (Ga, US)      FOOD WASTE RECYCLING (DT PureLine)

 BE COOL! RECYCLE IN SCHOOL (local, US)      strawberry autocycling (US)

 organics recycling (Quest)      Green Apple Valley (cycling)      2 arrows / apple      school recycling program (local, US)      apple free recycling program  

   compost (triangle icon)      vermicomposting (Ne, US)      COMPOST MONTREAL (CA)      bioodpady (Eneris, PL)      compost circle (icon)

     Public Worms (UCSB, edu, US)        compostables (edu, US)        composting at schools (US)

     Team Compost: Food waste isn't trash      ORGANICS ONLY      Team Compost: Compost me!      Team Compost: I belonging in the compost bin

 Composting Education Program (US)      food scraps loop      ecolabels (NZ) - Food / Scraps      food recycling icon      food waste recycling

    bio-odpady (PL)      COMMON GOOD COMPOST (local, Co, US)      common compost (US)

     Food + compostables (edu, Seattle, US)      COMMUNITY COMPOSTING      Food + compostables (edu, Seattle, US)

   compostables      green schools (green apple + recycling)      marketplace recycling

   recycle food scraps      composting services (Pa, US)      composting services (Pa, US)      composting (edu, Pa, US)      recycle food scraps

   vermicomposting (Ca, US)      green your garden - Let's get composting!      Feed the Earth - Compost your food waste (UK)

 WHAT CAN I COMPOST?        compost campaign (ES)
     Curbside Compost Program (US)      THE COMPOST COOP (local, US)      compost solution (US)

     FOOD WASTE (fair, NYC, US)      100% ECO PRODUCT (stock seal)      recycling everything (tak działa Natura)      ECO 100% PRODUCT (stock)

    organic recycling (IN)

    compost manager (NC, US)
    compost reincarnation
 food-scraps composting (FOR, US)      compost (FOR, icon, US)

   recycling by composting      composting & recycling (AU)      etiquetado reciclaje - organico (MX)

   compost        bioplastics, natural papers (compostella-online.de)        bio recycling: compost

 recycling food dregs  food scraps (CN)      bio recykling      Compost Today

 food is recyclable        composting food scraps is simple (Ca, US)        the composting circle        food waste can be recycled        compostable waste

 composting means recycling        composting circle        composting circle        compost cycle

        worm composting        biodegradabile corn plastic recycling loop        composting process (CA)

 home composting (Stoneshop, IN)        composting circle
 Foodcycling (WM, Nw, US)

     Composting (life-cycle)    We COMPOST it! (dining shop, Ma, US)        COMMUNITY COMPOST - Rooted in your community (logotype)    TABLE to FARM compost (US)

     FOOD SCRAP RECYCLING        The Denver COM-POST (US)        fruits composting

 bio-cycling button      compostables (edu, CA)      recycling green waste (UK)

 [organics] COMPOST ONLY        fruit & vegetables scraps processing        orange fruit scraps (UK)        garden waste

       compost crew (De, US)

   recycling made simple

 green recycle bin (MN, US)    Envase y Sociedad (logo, org, ES)      compost food scraps & leftovers (RoyalWaste.com, NYC)      

   home compost can (US)      COMPOST... SO LIFE IS GOING ON (Seattle, US)     recycling landscape bin      composting at home (UK)

       biodegradable green      compost bin (idea)      home composting (#beatpollution)    green compost cart      biodegradable green

     homegarden composter        compostage (Sempigny, FR)      lacompost.org - SOIL & PEOPLE (L.A., US)      From Garbage to Garden - it's Compost Time!        live compost (ES)

 home composting    compost making    kompost - recykling doskonały    compost cycles    recycle garden/yard waste  

 gardening cycling      food waste collect bin      recykling kompost    

 compost structure: browns & greens

 food waste to compost (AU)

W kompostowaniu ważne jest mieszanie różnorodnych resztek ogrodowych i domowych. Oto ich generalny podział:
tzw. BRĄZOWE (BROWNS) – bogate w węgiel (liście, rozdrobnione gałęzie, siano, słoma, karton i papier, trociny)
oraz ZIELONE (GREENS) – bogate w azot (skoszona trawa, świeże chwasty, ścinki po strzyżeniu żywopłotów,
a z resztek 'domowych' - nać warzyw, obierki, resztki owoców i warzyw, skorupki jajek).
Można kompostować odchody zwierząt gospodarskich - ale nie psów i kotów...

BROWNS: fall leaves, pine needles, twigs, chipped tree branches/bark, straw or hay, sawdust, corn stalks,
paper (newspaper, writing/printing paper, paper plates, drawpieces, paper napkins and towels, coffee filters),
corrugated cardboard (without any waxy/slick paper coatings, dryer lint, cotton fabric

GREENS: grass clippings, coffee grounds/tea bags, vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells,
trimmings from perennial and annual plants, annual weeds that haven't set seed, seaweed,
animal manures (cow, horse, sheep, chicken, rabbit, etc. - NO dog or cat)

Pryzmy kompostowe muszą zawierać obie te grupy materiału, co zapewni odpowiedni stosunek węgla do azotu
(optymalnie 3-4 części odpadów BRĄZOWYCH na 1 część ZIELONYCH)
- w takiej kompozycji glebowe mikroorganizmy rozkładają materię organiczną efektywnie i szybko.

     compost worldwide (cartoon)        MISSION: COMPOSTABLE 100% (cup, foto, 2018, UK)      MISSION: COMPOSTABLE (cup, UK)

   Recirculating Farms Coalition (US)      collecte organique waste (CA)      food waste (wastewarriors.org)      compost_soil_recycling      collecte organique waste (CA)

   don't waste food      don't waste food      don't waste food

[2019] Corocznie na świecie wyrzuca się ponad miliard ton jedzenia - czyli ponad 1/3 wyprodukowanej żywności.
W samej Europie marnujemy jej ok. 100 mln ton na rok. Statystyczny Europejczyk wyrzuca od 20 do 30%
kupionego jedzenia, które bardzo często nadaje się jeszcze do spożycia... Amerykanin wyrzuca POŁOWĘ!
Koszty redystrybucji (zbiórka, sortowanie, transport etc.) utrudniają lub uniemożliwiają ograniczenie marnotrawstwa.
Dodatkowo gospodarka nadmiaru wręcz zakłada straty - jak 'najmniejsze', czyli na etapie sprzedaży.
Klienci chcą mieć jak największy wybór świeżej i taniej żywności - dlatego spora jej część jest niszczona.

  compost (FI)      BROWNS GREENS AIR WATER (compost made easy, La, US)      food scraps recycling      compost made easy (La, US)      FAO - CERTIFIERAD ATERVINNING (digestate, SE)

   (school food) Recycling Point      The BACK to EARTH Initiative (compost, AU)      YES, WE RECYCLE & COMPOST - Save THAT Stuff 
      - One goal. Zero waste      kompost - recykling doskonały

 FOOD BIOENERGY - GO CLEAN GO GREEN (DK)      composting...      kompost      reducefoodwaste.eu (EU)      Compost Collection Program (Denver, Co, US)

 Soil-Plant Lab (KE)      100% LIVE ORGANIC COMPOST 'GOOD CHIT' (stamp mode)      Fork'em Over! FOOD WASTE RECYCLING (edu, Cornell, NY, US)      compostatori (consorzio logo, IT)
 organic recovery - feedback (AU)
 organic recovery (FeedBack, logo, AU)

 compost bin decal

 compost icon      compost icon
 nutrients cycling      soil recycling (Ky, US)      FERTILIDAD - AUMENTA LA CAPACIDAD FERTIL 
      DE NUESTRA TIERRA (suelofertil.es)
 Irish National Compost        compost icon
 windrow composting (CN)        Solutions Compost (icon/logo,FR)        sustentable nosotros (MX)
 organic loop      compost logo (Lahore, Pakistan)
 organically grown food      yard waste processing      community composting (Wa, US)      compost sostenible (ES)      bio-energy (NL)    
       SAVE WATER - WATER IS LIFE (stock)      compost (local, US)      WE COMPOST      soil recycle green life (compilation by jkw'17)


  compost circle

 compost (Brome, Quebec, CA)      compost growing (ZA)      COMPOSTA 3R (logo, ZA)    composting - CKS (Yukon, CA)      

   COMPOST COUNCIL (logo, CA)      COMPOST NOW (clipart)      soil recycling (femaleseeds.nl)      COMPOSTAR OUTRA FORMA DE RECICLAR (home/house)

Z lewej: The Compost Council of Canada is a national non-profit, member-driven organization with a charter
to advocate and advance organics residuals recycling and compost use. It serves as the central resource
& network for the compost industry in Canada and, through its members,
contributes to the environmental sustainability of the communities in which they operate

 compost bag (S-stock)        compost bag (BE)        separate yard waste      compostable bags (CA)  

wyżej od lewej - compost bags (EU, BE), Separate yard waste, compostable bags (CA).
Niżej: The Composting Council's National Backyard Composting Program (2014, US)

       The Composting Council's National 
      Backyard Composting Program (2014)

       composting (gov, Or, US)      yard waste composting (draw memo) - 
      LEAVES, TWIGS - [goes to] COMPOST BIN
      COMPOST PROFILE        compost closed cycle        COMPOST HAPPENS

   composting community (local, org, UK)        autumn recycling      recycle garden compost        The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 
      (composting, RSPB, UK)
   Compost Council (recycling, CA)       food waste processing       food to compost process

 leaves transormation      recycling: 3 leaves (bw)      biotransformacja  

 Organic Materials      compost garden (CA)        Green Cone Digester (solar powered food waste processor)

 KOMPOST & biogas (ARGE, Qualitatsbetrieb cert, AT)        nature not landfill        HAVEAFFALD (DK)

   green grass recycling     ;   bio-based (paper recycling)    green recycling - rate goal 96%

 compost by nature      green leaf energy (RF stock logo)      think green (circled leaf)
 'biologicznie degradalny' (!)      z naturalnych składników - preparat do kompost
   natur garden - natuerliche Materialien (Neudorff, DE)      natur garden - Biologischer Wirkstoff (Neudorff, DE)      biologisch abbaubar (Neudorff, DE)

"biologicznie degradalny" (z naturalnych surowców - preparat do kompostu [Radivit, Neudorff])

       compost bin

       home composting        bio/organic household rubbish (UK)
   100% riciclabile (stock)      curbside composting service (Co, US)    100% green (leaf, seal)
 green recycle (SG)      compost squad (edu, Ca, US)
   compost        BIODEGRADABLE      compost program: It's easy to be green (edu, US)
       HACCP AGRIVERT (UK)      reducing food waste      BECAUSE WE CARE WE RECYCLE (3R green)      green initiatives (US)

   Compost with Me (org, US)      green circulation (stock)      Garbage to Garden: A RIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE 
      (org, stamp, US)      GREENING VINCENT (West Australia)      green by green (circular)

 bioenergy sustainability (green arrow)        green life cycle (ES)    green food recycle      campus composting (edu, Mi, US)    eco tech solutions      

 renewal houses (CA)      recycling (wasted) soil [AT WORK]      composting (Ingnia, ES)

       integrated nutrition (UK)
 Compost Community (local, US)      Takakura Compost (LK)        HEALTHY SOILS FACILITY (FAO, UN)         COMPOST KEY - unlock the secrets of our soul (blog, AU)

   iGreenPod 100% Biodegradable      compost OK    KOMPOST (Mi, Wi, US)    greenleaf recycling (UK)    home gardeners recycle

 reciclaje idea    eko-ecobulpack      RE: cycle nature    sorting - recycling - biomass (CH)  home composting bin (icon)  Recycle Green (CN)

   organic kitchen recycling (AU)
 composting wreath      composting process circle (NO)      organic compost (Wa, US)
      (book-guide, US)      BIG HARVEST COMPOST (US)

 waste green solutions

 Festiwal Recyklingu (Sieradz, PL)      FROM EARTH TO EARTH      green recycling (Greenville, MI, US)      BioPlastics (London, UK)      bioenergy impact (Wa, US)
 Compost - recycling 100%        full green cycle

 100% BIODEGRADABLE (stock seal)
 100% BIODEGRADABLE (2x, stock)      100% BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCT (stock)      100% Biodegradable product (BE)      100% BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCT (2x, stock, letter 'E' missing)
 DISPENSING ONLY COMPOSTABLES (IE)      green bio energy - biomass (UG)      eco-mark, endeavourpetroleum.com.au
 100% COMPOSTABLE (PoopPick, ZA)      100% BIODEGRADABLE (depositphotos)
 BIORECYCLING - the natural cycle (US)

   CHARLOTTESVILLE COMPOSTS (local, Vi, US)        composter (Rollmix, UK)        healthy soil = healthy food = healthy people (AU)

     COMPOST MANUFACTURING ALLIANCE - COMPOSTER APPROVED (US)      healthy soils = healthy food = healthy people (AU)      SONOMA COMPOST (local, Ca, US)          

CHARLOTTESVILLE COMPOSTS (local, Vi, US); RolMix Composter (UK); 100% Biodegradable product (BE);
healthy soils australia - healthy soils = healthy food = healthy people (AU); SONOMA COMPOST (Ca, US)

    recycling GREEN TEAM - Doing My Part (City of Monroe, US)
     composting mean recycling
 Green Team (edu, US)          matter turns life
 Natural Ways Composting (Homestead, US)      Food Waste Recycling Project, Hong Kong      biodegradable waste

Biodegradable Compostable (coffe cup), ENVIRONMENT AND CONSERVATION FUND (Hong Kong)...

 recycling (local, IE)        Western Compost Technology (AU)

    Lincoln County Composts (US)      compostable.info (CA)      compostable.info shoppingbag (logo, CA)        green Tech (organic net, NN)

Znak Compostable (BNQ / Canada) wydawany jest przez Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec (BNQ)
i Composting Council of Canada i oficjalnie potwierdza, że rodzimy produkt z bioplastiku może być kompostowany.
Obejmuje on dwa standardy: torby plastikowe - kompostowalne wg. certyfikacji BNQ 9011-911 / 2007
i inne nadające się do kompostowania produkty - certyfikacja CAN / BNQ 0017-988.
Po prawej: composts (local, US), green Tech i lokalna firma recyklingowa (IE)

 Cultiva (compost plant, UAE)       eco zeropoint (logo, EU)   
         kompost & biogas (Arge, AT)        'eco' - green/eco stylish text/letters      GREEN WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! (graph)

     recycling: grass on sky      BioPak compost service      bio recycling (blue-button)

       recykling drzewa      bush recycling    recykling (SE)      recikliranje (HR)      recykling - trawa

    Bio Coherence      green eccentricity    sustainable recycling      YOU SHOULD GROW (compost)      green impression

 home composting      COMPOST - ORGANIC WASTE ONLY (plate)      reuse and recycle  

 bioplastics  plant recycling base (compost production, AU)    opakowanie biodegradowalne    compost (NorGrow, CA)    CompoKeeper (greenblue.org, US)
 Green Recycling  NATURAL SAFE BIODEGRADABLE  contains recycled content (EcoFabrix, US)      organics A1 compost class (US)      horticulture (US)          

 NOPE (Natural Organic Process Enterprises, US)    GREEN MOTIVE (recycling campaign, MY)    certified compostables (PR)          

   composting - modern love
  organic gardening (BLACK GOLD)      Master Composter (logo, US)
 turn (food) scraps into soil      organicycle        FILL FORGET REFILL (Direct Compost Solutions, AU)
     Compost Partnership (Kuala Lumpur, MY)      recycling food dregs        composting cycle (hand-scheme)      grinding system      
 water + energy = food        Agriculture, Food & Environment (edu, Ma, US)        trzy moce natury

 Piscina Sostenible (Sello, sign)        organic wellness (graph, jkw)

    biomass technology      kompostowanie - czysty recykling

 compost and recycling (GH)    bioplastico simbolo (BR)      Powerhouse Recycling Inc.

   reciclable vs. biodegradable vs. compostable (signs, ES)
Reciclable   vs.   Biodegradable   vs.   Compostable

 McDonald's New Packaging Goals (~2016-2030)

 BioCycle (magazine, US)

US-published since 1960, BioCycle is the go-to magazine (and website) on composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy. Each monthly issue of BioCycle shows how to process organic residuals such as yard trimmings, food waste, woody materials, biosolids, manure, high strength organic wastes, municipal solid waste, and other source separated feedstocks into value-added products

 Sweeter Soils (AU)
     Compost Council Michigan (US)        ORGANICS COMPOST PROGRAM (CA)

      COM-POST-NOW.org (NC, US)        COMPOST TEAM (edu - UM, MS, US)        Yard Waste Only - No Grass (US)

    reduce reuse recycle        ECO recycling (DE)        RE:SOURCE RECYCLING

  Compost Pile (Or, US)        NATURAL INGREDIENTS (cosmo, Felicea, PL)        COMPOST QUALITA (CIC, IT)

    Reuse      3R (text + triangle, brown plate)      Composting (Tx, US)

   Animal Manure Recycling (book cover, DK)        ORGÃNICO (BR)        KEEP CALM AND COMPOST

   compost label

  DCS - Direct Compost Solutions (logo, AU)

 Vegepack (fb, PL)

  San Diego Commercial Food Waste Recycling (US)

 Re-Love / Earth Day
 SAVE FOOT SAVE EARTH (HK)      compost worm (NY, US)      Mater-Bi. Compostable corn plastic
 HEALTHY SOILS - Filter pollutants      HEALTHY SOILS - Regulate water flow      HEALTHY SOILS - Cycle nutrients      HEALTHY SOILS - Support plant & animal 
      diversity / productivity
       composting vegs at restaurants      SUSTAINABILITY (Washington & Lee University, US)      World of Trees Compost (AU)
     Food Waste Recycling Scotland      compost heap icon  
 composter box

   spirulina (algae) compost

    compost project (Ma, US)
      kompostierbar      composting (local, org, UK)      EDMONTON WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTRE (city composting, CA)      kompostierbar
     WORM POWER      PAPER TOWELS ONLY / ESSUIE-TOUT SEULEMENT (CA)      Bioorganic Earthworm Compost (SIA, LV)      vermiculture composting (ZA)      earthworm recyclers (US)
 happy [compost] worms (CA)      Public Worms (UCSB, edu, US)      composting at schools (US)      compost worm (NYC, US)

   vermicomposting (Ca, US)      reduce reuse recycle - Solid Waste Management 
      (Earthworm, AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, IN)      green your garden - Let's get composting!      Feed the Earth - Compost your food waste (UK)

    DIRT RICH (Montana, US)      natural green recycling      KEEP GREER GREEN (South Carolina, US)

 Boreal Compost Enterprises (Yukon, CA)      Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC, IN)    NVIDIA transforming      LIFE CYCLE    bio natural recycling  

 organics recycling (UK)    Resource Recoveries and Recycling (AU)      compost (NorGrow, CA)      Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS logo)      compost grows

    100% NATURALNY (makaron Bartolini, Tabit, PL)      bio-energy (NL)      100% NATURALNY (makarony Bartlinini.pl)

 compostable diapers (US)  
   Green Team COMPOST (US)      THROW TO GROW
 COMPOSTABLE (info, brown)      COMPOSTING (Oricol, icon, ZA)      BIO recycling
 recicla          le recyclage
 We Compost      soils & compost (Full Circle, Ne, US)      Compost Education Centre (CA)    

         compost (Indiegogo, Chicago, US)      Imperial Compost (logo, US)
 ECO-BIO-FRIENDLY | NON TOCIC      Organics Recycling (green)      BIOCOMPOST ALLIANCE      ecolabel 'green coin' line      GREEN CHINA
 WE COMPOST. (Olympia, WA, US)      US Composting Council - compostable matter (CA)      100% BIO-COMPOSTABLE (stock, detal)      COMPOST - A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (DE)

 Composting Professional (cert, US)      Composting Council (US)      US Composting Council - Research & Eductaion Foundation      US Composting Council - Certified Operations Manager

Composting Council Research and Education Foundation - compost testing, labeling and info disclosure program (US)

  Daily Dump - COMPOST AT HOME (IN)
   Compost Pedallers (Tx, US)      Compost Pedallers (Tx, US)

 ROCK CHALK RECYCLE - LANDFILL - COMPOST (US)      compostables (eenee.com, AU)      eenee organics recycling (AU)

     recycle yard waste (edu, US)        compost organic home waste

 [from tea] cup to compost      Community Compost (NY, US)      food home composting (UN evironment)

 compost bin (Neu Home, US)      compost hub (AU)      compost bin (ecoBali, ID)      kitchen composting (CA)      chargeable garden waste bin

COMPOST HAPPENS (kompost sam się robi) - SAVE OUR SOIL (SOS - COMPOST)

 apartment composting

 BETTER BIOMASS (NTA 8080 Certified)

      recyclables (Vancouver, CA)        don't waste food        compost advice (Monsanto, US)

   Garbage to Garden (logo, US)  R3 (latino)      recycling (green bin)      Garbage to Garden

   yard waste collection (sorted)    Yard Waste Removal (US)      compost (happy bin)

       Garbage to Garden (fruits logo, US)      COMPOST GUY - Seal of Approval (US)      compostage = recyclage      Welcome to our Compost Corner    happy compost activist

  reciclar (AR)      recycle (green jobs, EU)      R 'kinki' (Japan)


 compost emblem    

 Farmland Trust Soil (US)    
 compost (Geelong, AU)      2015 - International Year of Soils (Bodens, DE)        gardening = composting      compost recycling (IE)

 compost with care (Ca, US)      environment care      bamboo biodegradable dinnerware - RETURN IT TO THE EARTH      Green Life (care, IT)      ethicalsuperstore.com (UK)
 Marin Soil Solutions - Build your soil organically (SF, US)      zero waste - compost (CA)      Biofuels Oct 2018 Conference (Ottawa, CA)      Gateway Greening

 green care (stock)        environment care (UN)        green care (stock)

 RESPECT THE EARTH      Turística y Desarrollo Sostenible 2017 (UTMACH, EC)      compost gardening (icon)      Innovative Organics Recycling (Oh, US)

 Circle Compost (Pa, US)        NorthWest Compost (Wa, US)
 Compost Action (FR)
 Eco Park Design (ZA)

 DIN Geprüft      DIN-Gepruft Home Compostable        DIN-Gepruft Industrial Compostable        DIN BIOBASED (20-50%, 50-85%, >85%) Gepruft (DE)      DIN plus

DIN-Geprüft Home Compostable - znak programu 'kompostowalność' niemieckiej organizacji DIN CERTCO, która identyfikuje bioplastiki jako produkty ulegające biodegradacji w warunkach domowego kompostowania. Znak mówi, że produkt spełnia międzynarodowe standardy AS 5810 pod względem kompostowania. W wersji przemysłowej zaświadcza, że produkt spełnia międzynarodowe standardy dla 'kompostowalności': EN 13432/14995, ISO 17088/18606, AS 4736 i ASTM 6400.
Dalej - certyfikat DIN BIOBASED (percentage; 20-50%, 50-85% i >85% zawartości materiałów bioprzetworzonych).

 Proteasome recycling machine

Proteasome: A vital amino acid recycling machine

 turn it Green (project)


●  drzewa i lasy

drzewo: jeden z kilku 'naturalnych', odwiecznych znaków ODRODZENIA


 SAVE (trees/woods recycling)


 sun powered green recycling

  SAVE EARTH (by trees, FR)      planet of trees      recycle earth forestry      (forests) SAVE EARTH

 reduce reuse recycle      electrowaste (ES)      reciclagem info (PT)      recycling as tree  recykling green planet

     recycle as tree      locals recycles (US)      recycle tree    eco-wood recycling (UK)

           recyle rules tree      tree of todays living      recycling tree      recycling tree      gadget tree

 recycling growing tree      5 x recycling (tree)      reciclar tree (color)      reciclar tree (CL)      recycle organic materials      eco-knowledge tree

       circular recycling      International Marketing Environment      yo reciclo (AR)      sustainable packaging flow        green social activity

           sustainability tree    recycling tree fruits      recicleaza (RO)      recycle tree idea    desarrollo sustentable (IE)

       recycling growing tree      tree recycling symbol (stock)      bio-diversity (OuTrop)

         recycling idea tree        tree of recycling signs      reduce reuse recycle letterstree        The Forgotten Practice: recycling (Kuala-Lumpur, MY)
       umweltfreundlich      environmental wellness        sustain cycle (UK)

     developpement durable (CA)        bio-system      recycling solid tree        Umweltbaum - The Environment Tree (DE)        green renew tree (East Midlands Wood Recycling, UK)

 recycleable green filter      sustainable economy      water care (DE)      green24 - advice backed by science      recycleable

 recycling ecological      bio-degradable green earth        dechets verts        environment care (NL)      recycle trees (GR)

 recycle love (GR)        key tree        umweltfreundlich (DE)

          ECO care (stock)      THINK GREEN (US)      green planet (logo)

 natura reciclar
     incorporate wear (UK) - sustainable & ethical solutions      Organic Principle (ZA): Ecology
   Zelena firma (CZ)    recycling is here      The National Forest (UK)

   tree recycling (icon)

 fiber sourcing & biodiversity

 [RE:] save the [bio] world

 recycle every tree
 recycling Palm Beach      recycle palms (US)    

 recycling green tree      recycling green tree      tree recycling symbol      eco-oak whiskey recycle (US)

 bio awareness    recycling (small green tree inside)    plant biodegradable polymers (Biopol)    recyclable mueble (ES)    recycling (small green tree inside, ZA)

   recycling green tree      bio circle      ecological cycle (ico)      enviro-design (tree cycle alegory)      green nature recycle (stock)

 EVERGREEN (healthy product label, US)      green engine        recykling kompost  

 recycle like tree
 renew green world      BUILD A SOIL (.com, Co, US)
 Greenway hardware & recycling      Zero Emission Bus Challenge (US/CN)      sustainability environmental

 recykling - drzewo      tree recycle (simple symbol)      reuse renewable resources        reciclavel - green tree (BR)      recycling solution (FI)

 Departament of Education USofA        nature circle        RECYCLING REVISITED

 env. friendly socially responsible        recycle: grow trees        recycle: grow trees        CO2-neutrale Website - Dies ist eine (DE)
 recykling z drzewkiem      4R tree (rethink tree)        tree care (stock)       recycle reduce reuse      recykling - tree shadow      

 reuse materials (US)      Save the planet (seal)        KEEP ELECTRONICS OUT OF LANDFILLS (US)

 natural as tree (seal)  
 Save Trees (button)      eko Split (HR)      KLEBEMASSE 98% NATURBASIERTE ROHSTOFFE      VOC FREE & LOW VOC PRODUCTS (Qline, UK)
 Emballages BIODEGRADABLES et COMPOSTABLES (FR)      lubartowskie eko-gminy      CERTIFIED GREEN PARTNERS
 GREEN POWER (Thailand)        Urban Forest Project (US)
 EARTH DAY 2015 (tree, b/w)      reincarnation tree      FarWest Recycling (3 trees, US)      Move On Wood Recycling (fb)      EarthWise Recycling Center (US)    

We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men... John Muir

 Eco Green Oak Garden      ECOLIFE (UA)      Eno Forest (edu, MY)    

 Sustainable Communities (EU)        CHARITY RECYCLING PARTNERS        Earth Warriors (Environmental Club, edu, US)      Sustainable Development at the ICRC      be a tree (US)

     ZERO WASTE CAMPUS - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (MY)        Generosity for the Generations (Methodist Church, US)        Przyjaciele drzew (fb, PL)
 green aid        Environment Agency (UK)
     International Permaculture (IPCUK.events, London 2015)      green life style      ACHAT RESPONSABLE - reforest action badge (FR)

 Górażdże w harmonii z ekonomią, ekologią, etyką      paper recycling (ICE, US)      Nutrient Guru (SF, US)      RE:COMMON (recommon.org, IL)      forestry team (.org)        

 yesil dunya (TR) - Master Gardener (Wa, US)- stock      Europejski Tydzień Leśny 2013 (PL)      our Earth our day      free tree symbol

   natural approach for health      ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION (AU)      arquitectura sostenible (CIADS, ES)      life tree ORGANIC FRIENDLY (fotolia)      agroecological sustainable farming (NC, US)

center - RE:COMMON (IT), below - Arquitectura Sostenible (CIADS, ES)
"Uncover the dodgy economy, challenge the powerful, foster commoning for a transformation of society"

 recycling tree    sustainable forests      ForestPark (US)      green things guide      recycling tree (colored)

 eco (Montessori)      environmentalism (badge)      Better Foods (Pesticide Free Organic Food & Sustainability, IN)

 bag-it conscious      landscape & garden supply (US)      garden waste cycle      tree-cycle green recycle symbol      stylizing recycling tree (stock)

 green market stores (UK)      trees natural cycle      plant reclaimed


   re-origins program      recycle environment      100% ORGANIC PRODUCT - QUALITY GUARANTEED (stock seal)      landscape & garden supply (US)        3R (Litchfield Park, AZ, US)

         recicla (BR)      recycling paper (JP)    greenbuild / greendining (US)      green RE-educartion (FR)        save & recycle paper

 reduce reusa recicla (Panama ports)        recycling (Chatham, NJ, US)        green carbon cycle        have a green day

 RECYCLE inkjet & toner cartridges (UK)          eco bag (canvas, detal, TESCO)          recycling season

       100% recycled (postal mark)      recycling (post mark)

   save environment: recycle

   LOW VOC (tree symbol)
 recycle back tree (icon)      green tree cycle
 tree cycle      [compost] ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY      trees recycling
   umweltfreundlich (DE)      Green Ground Compost (Tx, US)      meio ambiente sustentabilidade (BR)      Commercial Paper Recycling (US)
   tree-cycle      sustainable solutions (GLS, US)      clean technology (PT)

   tree recycling (local, US)      MANUFACTURED WITH RECYCLED MATERIAL (cardboard)      GO GREEN (stock)

 reciclado empaques (MX)
 obieg naturalny (UA)      biomass recycling (IE)        recycle forests      Kintyre Recycling Ltd. (logo, UK)
   zero waste      green go recycling    recycle trees

 good bio force        tree-like recycling process      tree ecology symbol (stock)      Green Fuel Economy (IN)        repair & recycle grows

 recycling tree (UK)      recycling tree styling      green tree recycle (stock graph)      wood pellet recycling (Ve, US)      eco-conscious      shaped recycle tree

 global forest problem (GR)      REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE (poster)      sustainable (US)

 recicleaza tree (RO)        Sa intelegem reciclarea (RO)      ogólno/ekolo-ściema        City of Fairfax Recycling (US)        recycle every tree

     100% BIODEGRADABLE          solar power (UK)       lifetime for all (GE)        Save Tree Save Life        100% BIODEGRADABLES

 recycling permeation (poster)    latinamericana (tree)    Sydney sustainable living    trees recycles    sustainable as tree    humans: bio evolution cycle

 sustain EU      recycling save environment      recycling photo+graph        Greeners Action (CN)      free recycling (UK)      Go Green (tree icon)

 e-xmas tree (JP)        shaped recycle tree        RE (papercuts on grass)          temporary environment          Symp. NA Environmental Governance (CA)

   Forestry Commission (UK)          perfect recycling          ORIGINS (CN)

 oil-palm icon        recycling (Guam)        Mixcloud recycling radio  


 Biomass Renewable Alternative Energy (Tasma, SG)
 bio-recycling      RE-forestation
 recycling fragile      ...wood recycling (local, US)        recykling trzy żywioły

  recykling trzy żywioły      recycling policy      magnifying water      earth911.com pic
 organic tree (metal openwork pendant)      compost (Clobal Healing Center, US)      old tree (engraving style, stock)

 green tree      sustainability economics (US)      circle of bio-life

 THE TREE COUNCIL (local, US)      compost school garden (Me, US)      eternity tree (Tekker, IO)      papier recycle (FR)

 agripollute.nstl.gov.cn      BILLABONG COMPOST (local, AU)      World of Trees Compost (AU)      Dental Health Care Foundation      tree recycling scheme    

 eco-restore balance      Revive Compost (Md, US)      balanced nature
 natural green burial (US)      forestation balance      100% ECO FRIENDLY (over-print pop motif)      restore the balance of Nature (t-shirt, US)

 ecolabel 'green coin' line      Commonwealth Forestry Association (1921)       ecolabel 'green coin' line

 green care to restore      recycling weekend (San Antonio Parks, US)      Go Natural (CORA)      CARBON NEUTRAL - VOLUNTARY CARBON STANDARD (AU)  

 wooden house      we can live sustainably        renewable wood biomass        tree - green CO2 recycling        recycling (KW)

     CARBON NEUTRAL (tree)      CARBON NEUTRAL (.edu, US)      CARBON NEUTRAL (leaf)

   flowering tree recycles      trees inspiration (Pycnogenol, Horphag Research, Rakuten, JP)      100% BIODEGRADABLE (green carbon cycle, stock stamp)      bio-recycling

   dead battery tree


 SOIL DOCTOR FoodWeb Oregon Advisor 2011 (org, Fl, US)      Waste Not - Electronics Recycling (California, US)      SOIL FOODWEB OREGON (org, Fl, US)
 tree from the Sun (CN)
 GreenScape (scraps, Asia/MiddleEast)        Huawei recycling program
       green electronics      e-volution cycle      e-waste future (PL)
    compost awareness (UE)        green energy tech (IT)        recycling & disposal (local, US)        greentech sustainability

 recycling greentech (RS)      RECYCLE (local, US)      Persian recycling (IR)    

 ECO PLANET (cosmetics)      bio cycle      SOIL (Haiti)    Treecycled Furniture (logo)      greenergy build greener future

 auto-recycling (ES)      VERDE CAPITAL (.org, BR)      OZE - odnawialne źródła energii      green baobab      ECOFUTURO

   Althelia ecosphere (fund)      trees recycle        trees recycle      eco-friendly tree

 recyclage du papier    BIOSPHERE (abstract)    biomass energy (BSL, London, UK)

 Die Bestattung  in der Natur_(FriedWald)      turismo sostenible (Tureco, logo, ES)      tree center (S-stock)      ecologyaction.ca

 Save a Tree (IN)      save energy / save tree      Green Ubuntu (logo)      NO LANDFILL      Accion por la Biodiversidad (Latin America)
 GREEN CERTIFIED PARTNERS (US)      wood recycling project (local, UK)      environmental friendly      RECYCLAGE BOUCHONS DE LIEGE (FR)
 MADE BY MOTHER NATURE (stock stamp)      BIO (5x, DS-stock stamp)      100% RECYCLED - PROTECT WILDLIFE (stamp)
 UMWETLFREUNDLICH (DE)        NIE KUPUJĘ DREWNA Z PUSZCZY BIAŁOWIESKIEJ (greeppeace, PL)        100% GUARANTEE NATURAL (stamp seal)        Certifié Bio depuis 1986 - SANOFLORE LABORATOIRE BIO        CO2-neutral

 produkt przyjazny dla środowiska      PRODUKT PRZYJAZNY ŚRODOWISKU      PRODUKT PRZYJAZNY ŚRODOWISKU        opakowanie przyjazne dla środowiska

Powyżej - te cztery znaki odkryłem przypadkowo, schowane w miejscach niewidocznych - na spodach plastikowych toreb na markowe zakupy (drugi z lewej the traffic club, następny - księgarni empik). Znakowi empiku towarzyszył tekst: Folia i farby użyte do produkcji nie zawierają środków toksycznych. Folia, z której wykonana jest torba PODLEGA RECYKLINGOWI. Na skrajnych znakach w tym wierszu widnieje przekaz: OPAKOWANIE PRZYJAZNE DLA ŚRODOWISKA; w jednym z nich w koronie drzewa dodano: druk ekologiczny na farbach wodnych, w drugim było więcej tekstu, ale tak małymi literkami, że druk był nieczytelny. Na żadnej z tych toreb nie znalazłem śladu oznakowania, z jakich materiałów zostały zrobione.

 GreenScreen - FOR SAFER CHEMICALS (logo)      GreenScreen - CERTIFIED  

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals [ greenscreenchemicals.org ] is a method for chemical hazard assessment
designed to identify chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives.

 Rocky Mountain Worm Company (Co, US)

 Hamos Habokur Hamatak Rai (H3R, organic compost) 

 green area recycling (ME)      leafy trees cycle      forests recycles

 print less save forests

 sustainable environment (Gojo, US)


 ECOLOGY (DT PureLine)      Ohio Soil Recycling (US)      Bio Energy Systems (PL)      plant clippings collection & recycling

  eco system base      CCRI (Mi, US)      recyclable packaging      protecta (S-stock)      sustainability for future      

 TexGreen (Green Team - Worldwide Environmental Group)

 forest care icon   

 environmentally friendly (indy uco)   
 3 RE (tree - life)        naturalne składniki    

Ziemia ma ok. 4,6 miliarda lat.
Jeżeli przeskalować ten czas i przyjąć że jest to 46 lat, to jesteśmy na Ziemi od 4 godzin.
Rewolucja przemysłowa zaczęła się około minutę temu - i w tym czasie wycięliśmy POŁOWĘ lasów planety

 THINK GREEN (save world)
 (forests) SAVE EARTH     SAVE EARTH (by trees, FR)
 SAVE EARTH (trees as environment, stock seal)
   DL'S Recycling Centre (CA)      les lutins de noel
 recycle cardboard    X-mas tree cycle      recycle Xmas tree

     Subaru loves the Earth (E-waste Recycling Event, US)      umwelt wirtschaft wald (DE)      forestation (RA)      bio-technology      RoHS Compliant (green xmas-tree)

    UPCYCLE (green)      environment care (3 green arrows circle)      trees recycle circle      riciclata 100% (IT)

 sustainable mountain forests (US)      recycling management (GR)      ASAQ metals (scraps trade, Middle East)

 recykling choinek      recycling support newspapers (IN)   
    recycling forest (US)    recycle Xmas tree (US)      wood waste recycling (UK)    

     trees are recyclers      resirkulert tre (NO)    Environmental Council (Al, US)      sustainable forest (paper sign)    tree recycle      reciklaza imperativ (HR)

 reciklaza papira (RS)      recycle Xmas Tree    recycle xmas decoration    recycle Xmas tree    landscape supply (Or, US)

 100% RECYCLED (wood)      paper recycling program      recycle trees - b/w      recycle forests

 reciclaje arbol navidad      Landscape Recycling Center (Il, US)      Forests Ontario, Toronto (logo, CA)    Green Manitoba - Eco Solutions (CA)      choinkowe obroty (PL)

 ecology sciences      recykling_choinek      EVER-GREEN RECYCLING    

 recycle_trees (IE)      colegio tecnico deflores    Waste-Not Recycling (local, US)      wood sustainability (refilling)      recycle X-mas trees

 Office Paper Recovery      Recycle (oval green sticker, CN)

   recycling local forest (US)      tree recycle      Costa Recicla (PA)      twin pines (intl cooperative symbol)      EDUCOOP (Educacao Cooperativa, BR)

   recycle trees (US)    recykling choinki    recycle xmas trees

 recykling iglaki      wood recycling (social project, UK)      recykling choinkowy

 landscape supply (Allwood, Or, US)

 recycle xmas tree

 christmas recycling    recycled Christmas    xmas cycle (US)

 e-toy recycling (CA)        recycling xmas sign      recycle as nature      X-mas tree recycle plan        Rejoice (xmas decoration)

 Recycling Tree Service (UK)    PLEASE RECYCLE THIS FESTIVE SEASON    X-mas myth recycling

   riciclato ekologici (IT)

   recycle xmas tree    bombka choinkowa / decor recycle      recycling xmas lights

 recykling: zielone skojarzenie      recycle xmas tree      recycling (winter season, stock)      recycle xmas tree      happy recycler  

 bombka choinkowa / decor recycling


   recycle xmas tree      recycle xmas tree      recycle xmas tree      recycle xmas tree

     X-mas recycling 'tree'    xmas recycle pyramid    peak recycling (X-mas)    recyclable x-mas tree (US)    X-mas recycling 'tree'

     recycle Xmas tree        recycle Xmas tree        X-mas tree recycling (US)        recycle Xmas tree

    holiday recycling (US)      little xmas tree recyclable    Christmas_recycling & rubbish (UK)    recycle xmas tree (graph)      recycle christmas tree (UK)

 recycle xmas tree    recycle xmas tree      recycle christmas tree    choinka to nie śmieć    christmas tree recycling      recycle xmas tree (US)

 recycle xmas tree        recycle Xmas tree        recycle xmas tree    

 fresh and recycling wood-fiber

 Evergreen Recycling (VT, US)

 recycle xmas tree (CA)

 xmas recycling re-occasion

 holiday tree collection

 forestry recycles

 recycling easy (US)

 JEMAI - Japan Environmental Management Association 
      for Industry (jemai.or.jp)

 CWWR - Canadian Wood Waste Recycling (logo)      recycling wood waste (Alberta, CA)      wood waste recycling (local, US)
 GreenForest Recycling Resources (US)      recycle green

 [X-mas tree]: closing the loop ... returm me to my roots      save trees  

 GreenScreen - FOR SAFER CHEMICALS (logo)      GreenScreen - CERTIFIED  

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals [ greenscreenchemicals.org ] is a method for chemical hazard assessment
designed to identify chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives


●  leśne sprawy i 'zmowy'

akcje, kampanie, ochrona, gospodarka


 SAVE the FOREST (classic stamp)

 Sustainable Forestry Initiative

 Sustainable Forestry Initiative symbol

Sustainable Forestry Initiative - Inicjatywa Zrównoważonego Zarządzania Lasami.
"The Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI) program is based on the premise that responsible environmental behavior and sound business decisions can co-exist. SFI program participants practice sustainable forestry on all the lands they manage. They also influence millions of additional acres through the training of loggers and foresters in best management practices and landowner outreach programs.

This unique commitment to sustainable forestry recognizes that all forest landowners, not just SFI program participants, play a critical role in ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of our forests. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative program is now fully independent. On January 1, 2007, a new, fully independent organization, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. (SFI, Inc.) was created to direct all elements of the SFI ® program. This independence solidifies the SFI program's strong market position as one of the world's leading forest certification programs. The SFI ® program has two on-product label types"  * (oba znaki - patrz niżej).

 Certyfikat Rady Dobrej Gospodarki Leśnej

 FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

Certyfikat Rady Dobrej Gospodarki Leśnej (Forest Stewardship Council). Znak jest gwarancją, że drewno nie pochodzi z miejsc, gdzie prowadzona jest rabunkowa gospodarka leśna, zaś produkt został wytworzony z surowców, które pozyskano z certyfikowanych obszarów leśnych zarządzanych zgodnie z normami FSC. Celem tej organizacji jest popularyzacja takiego sposobu prowadzenia gospodarki leśnej, która uwzględnia zarówno aspekty ekonomiczne, przyrodnicze jak i społeczne lasów i leśnictwa na całym świecie. Certyfikowane tak wyroby gwarantują, że użyte do ich produkcji drewno pozyskano nie przyczyniając się do niszczenia środowiska, łamania praw lokalnej ludności czy też obniżania potencjału ekonomicznego gospodarki leśnej w regionie pochodzenia.

FSC oferuje trzy rodzaje certyfikatów dla różnych etapów produkcji: Forest Management (zarządzanie zasobami leśnymi), Chain of Custody (CoC - łańcuch dostaw) and Controlled Wood certifications (kontrola certyfikatów). FSC jest członkiem ISEAL Alliance.

Normy udziału surowca certyfikowanego z recyklingu:
FSC Pure - 100%, FSC Mixed Sources - min. 70%, FSC Recycled - min. 85%.

 PEFC - The Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification

 PEFC - The Programme for Endorsement 
      of Forest Certification (odwrotka)

Kupując produkty z tym oznaczeniem wspierasz odpowiedzialną gospodarkę leśną, nie przyczyniasz się do niszczenia drzew i nie wspierasz przedsiębiorstw łamiących prawa człowieka. Znak ten zaświadcza, że całość lub część drewnopochodnych (głównie, chociaż także i innych - np. kauczuk) surowców użytych do wytworzenia produktu pochodzi z lasów z certyfikatem PEFC (The Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification - program na rzecz zagospodarowania zasobów leśnych). Jest to organizacja pozarządowa utworzona by wspierać zrównoważoną gospodarkę leśną. Ocenia ona i weryfikuje państwowe systemy leśne wg standardów krajowych, akredytowanych przez PEFC.

Certyfikat PEFC obejmuje tylko pierwszy etap łańcucha produkcji - pozyskiwanie surowca.
 Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS)

Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS) jest oficjalnym krajowym znakiem organicznym dla produktów uprawianych przy użyciu ekologicznych standardów rolnych. Jest on zarządzany przez japońskie Ministerstwo Rolnictwa, Leśnictwa i Rybołówstwa (MAFF) i jest akceptowany na całym świecie.

 Forest Recovery Canada

Forest Recovery Canada

 [Certified] Forest Garden Products (FGP, Analog Forestry)

[Certified] Forest Garden Products (FGP, Analog Forestry - znak jest wydawany przez International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN, RIFA) i jest przeznaczony dla produktów uprawianych na całym świecie w lasach (Analog Forestry). Takie leśnictwo działa na rzecz ochrony bioróżnorodności poprzez zapewnienie nacisku na naśladowanie (mimicking) naturalnych lasów, sukcesji ekologicznej i ekologii krajobrazu

 Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) i Sustainable Forest Management System (SFM) - to oficjalny kanadyjski system certyfikacyjny, poświadczający że produkty są wytwarzane z zastosowaniem praktyk zrównoważonej gospodarki leśnej. CSA SFM obejmuje zarówno samą gospodarkę leśną jak i standardy łańcucha dostaw i jest zatwierdzony przez Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)


(...) w grudniu 2015 r. "Regionalna Dyrekcja Lasów Państwowych w Białymstoku straciła certyfikat FSC, który zapewniał im prestiżowe kontrakty z największymi na polskim rynku odbiorcami drewna"
 CO2-neutral - In cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA weltweit e.V.

CO2-neutral - In cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA weltweit e.V.

Sustainability Awards of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA, 2015, US)
 Bioenergia (Business Unit Energy, Winsertec, CL)

Bioenergia (Business Unit Energy, Winsertec, CL)
 Forestry Commission (UK)

Forestry Commission (UK)
 recycling schwarzwald

recycling schwarzwald...
 Freundeskreis Nationalpark Schwarzwald (DE)

Freundeskreis Nationalpark Schwarzwald (DE)

AUSTRALIAN FORESTRY STANDARD: Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS) - znak który jest wydawany przez Australian Forestry Standard (AFS Ltd), dla produktów leśnych, wytworzonych z zastosowaniem praktyk zrównoważonej gospodarki leśnej. Program składa się z dwóch australijskich standardów: Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) oraz Australian Standard for Chain of Custody for certified wood and forest products (AS 4707). AFCS jest zatwierdzony przez Program Certyfikacji Zrównoważonego Leśnictwa (PEFC)
 forest tree wood parquet cycle

forest tree wood parquet cycle
 Recyclage et revalorisation des dechets de bois

Recyclage et revalorisation des déchets de bois (FR)
 100% recycled (wood, triangle stamp)

100% RECYCLED (triangle stamp on wood)
 pellets - recycled wood scraps

 thermal combustion systems (Pa, US)

Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. (A.R.E.), PA, US - biomass & hardwood
 woods industry recycling (FR)

Valorisation des déchets de l'industrie du bois - woods industry recycling (FR)
 Bio Energy Pellet - My Fire      Pellets Bio Forest      PELLETS BIO-ENERGY (PL)

 Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers
 re-circle (wood craft)

 wooden natural cycle

 drewniana piła tarczowa (PL)

drewniana piła tarczowa (PL)
 recycle (devon.org)

recycle (devon.org)
 Wood Recycling & Sustainability (Swanson, US)

Wood Recycling & Sustainability (Swanson, US)
 Cerflor Forest Certification Programme (BR)

Cerflor Forest Certification Programme (Brazil) jest oficjalnym krajowym znakiem dla produktów leśnych wytworzonych przy użyciu praktyk zrównoważonej gospodarki leśnej. Program jest prowadzony przez Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality, a standardy są zarządzane przez Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT)

ECOMARK - national label of India, founded by the Minístry of Environment and Forests in 1991
 Cleaner and Greener - South Korea (eco-label, gov, KR)

Cleaner and Greener - South Korea (gov, KR)
 Green-O-Tech  India ISO 14001 (IN)

Green-O-Tech  India ISO 14001 (IN)

 Rainforest Alliance Certified est. 1987

Rainforest Alliance (zał. 1987, Nowy Jork, USA) przyznaje certyfikat różnym grupom produktów, takim jak drewno, papier, banany, herbata, kawa, kakao, olej palmowy, kwiaty cięte i paprocie, a także produktom wieloskładnikowym (np. czekolada), a nawet hodowli bydła, farmom przyjaznym dla klimatu i zrównoważonej turystyce. W przypadku produktów z drewna i papieru zakres działania certyfikatu obejmuje tylko pierwszy etap łańcucha produkcji - pozyskiwanie surowca. RA uważana jest za jedną z najbardziej renomowanych międzynarodowych organizacji ochrony środowiska. Ale nie brakuje jej krytyków (patrz niżej po prawej - "RAINFOREST LIES")...

 Rainforest Alliance Verified

RA (Rainforest Alliance, należy do ISEAL Alliance) i wspiera gospodarstwa rolne, spółdzielnie rolnicze i farmy - głównie w tropikalnych rejonach upraw - w działaniach mających na celu przestawienie ich dotychczasowej działalności rolniczej na tory tzw. rozwoju zrównoważonego.
Znak Rainforest Alliance Verified dotyczy jedynie weryfikacji legalności pochodzenia drewna i ma gwarantować, że firma pozyskuje je z legalnych źródeł i działa zgodnie z prawem.
RAV nie jest więc certyfikatem, a logo może być stosowane jedynie na materiałach promocyjnych (nie zaś na produktach).

 Rainforest Alliance Vérifié      Rainforest Alliance Certified      Rainforest Alliance        Rainforest Lies

Certyfikat Rainforest Alliance odnosi się do zgodności z zasadami zrównoważonego rozwoju: w przyp. drewna i papieru zasady analogiczne jak dla FSC, w przypadku produktów spożywczych (jak np. kawa, herbata, banany) co najmniej 50% partii towaru pochodzi z certyfikowanych upraw

 Rainforest Alliance Certified (variant)


- uwzględnienie wymogów ekologicznych, społecznych i ekonomicznych
- zaangażowanie na rzecz praw i dobrych warunków życia pracowników

 ONTARIO ECOSCHOOLS - CERTIFIED (seal, CA)      ONTARIO ECOSCHOOLS - PLATINUM 2017 (seal, CA)      Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP)      GMO-FREE GREENSTAR CERTIFIED (US)

wyżej - inne znaki oparte o schemat i styl kompozycji RAINFOREST ALLIANCE:
- Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) - SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AND INTEGRITY - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

 easy upcycling        San Lorenzo Valley        CELULOSE RECICLADA (BR)

 Indonesian Legal Wood (SVLK, ID)

Indonesian Legal Wood (SVLK) - Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) Indonesi, znany też jako system weryfikacji legalności drewna TLAS i INDO-LAS/SVLK, jest oficjalnym systemem legalności drewna krajowego Indonezji. Znak jest wydawany przez Departamentu Leśnictwa rządu Indonezji. Chodzi o zwalczanie nielegalnego wyrębu i wylesiania, zapewnienie standardów i pewność, że drewno eksportowane jest identyfikowalne i legalnie uzyskane oraz że krajowy przemysł drzewny przestrzega standardów odpowiedzialnego zarządzania lasami

 Pallet Recycling (PR)

Pallet Recycling (PR)
 pallets recycling

pallets recycling (US)
 Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC)

The Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC) - system certyfikacji lasów w Japonii służy zrównoważonej gospodarce leśnej, ochronie różnorodności biologicznej i ochronie zasobów wodnych
 empty wood-box recycle bin

empty wood-box recycle bin
 Power Pallet (recyclers, US)

Power Pallet (recyclers, US)


 GREEN SOLUTIONS And more (wood waste, Ca, US)

GREEN SOLUTIONS And more (wood waste, Ca, US)

    Pellet Fuels Institute (US)

Pellet Fuels Institute (US)

 Sustentalab (BR)

Sustentalab. Inteligencia em Engajamento (BR)
 Alliance Carton Nature (FR)      ACE - Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment - 
      green tREe scheme      recycle cartons (ACE, UK)

 bamboo materials (paper, wood)

bamboo materials (paper, wood)
 wood & timber recycling (UK)

wood & timber recycling (UK)
 Wood (recyclable, NZ)

Wood (recyclable, NZ)
 Mattresses / Boxsprings recycling - wood (US)

Mattresses / Boxsprings recycling - wood (US)
 ST ALBANS WOOD RECYCLING (local social project, UK)

ST ALBANS WOOD RECYCLING (local social project, UK)
 reuse wood

 printreleaf.com (US)
reforestation (US)

 Wood Recycling Vancouver (Allwood, WA, CA)
 recycle logo (drzeworyt sztorcowy)      wood reccycling (pngtree, ES)
 recykling (znak wypalony na desce, PL)      wood recycling      recykling: drewniana tarcza, zielony znak
 recycling stump      always recycle wood

 biomass energy        recycling on wood        recykling drewna

 wood recycling        wood reccycling (pngtree, ES)        wooden inverse recycling


   recycling wood scraps
   recycled wood (UK)      recycled wood (UK)

   recycled wood products (UK)

   recycling (dark wood)

   WOOD RECYCLING (local, UK)      WOOD RECYCLING (store, UK)      WOOD RECYCLING (local, UK)

 recykling palet (PL)      wood covering (NZ)      wood recycling (Axcesstrees, UK)      wood chipboard      drewniana okleina (fornir, PL)

 płyty wiórowe (wood-scraps-board)      recycling: wood sheet cut-off      wooden cycle (AU)

 recycling corrugated paperboard      Wood Recycling (stock, 123rf)      drewno jest odnawialne

 recykling drewna        recykling leśny        recycling (europallets)  

 pallet recycling (US)

 pallets recycle

 pallet size recycling

















tabela (full specification) znaków / kodów recyklingu

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